Friday, April 17, 2015

Female Relief Society October 28, 1878

These are the final pages of the minutes of the 

Female Relief Society 

donated by Beverley Anderson Olsen.


Meeting held Oktober 28, 1878
Opened with singing
Prayer by Sister Peel
Sister Peel opened the meeting.
Minutes from former meeting were read and accepted
Also donations and disbursements from the last month.
Sister Peel rose and felt thankful for the privilege to meet with the Sisters and felt so much pleased for the willingness of the Sisters in contributing their means and labor for the Temple, and hoped that they will continue in the good work. Some good ....... were brought in from the Sisters for the Temple and were handed over to the treasurer for to..... by Sister Morrison.

Sister Simpson felt to bless the Sisters for the good will they showed in the call to the temple, and was thankful that so doing they not neglect the poor, and said that she always felt glad when the poor could get what they need.

Sister Franzen spoke about the good meetings we had and felt benefited in the good instructions that was given, felt blessed for the plenty we had, by hearing the P...... talk about the H........ and the instruction that was telling about the foreign countries.  It seemed curious (?) to go round  taking, but felt alright anyway because she knew the Relief Society is organized from our Prophet, Joseph Smith.  She felt very to hear the counsel in our day meetings.......
not to send our children to a school where we are not to send them ... how long will the priesthood bear with us; hoped we would repent from this .......  We know well enough that this is not right.

Many of the Sisters bore their testimony and meeting was closed with singing and prayer.

MFC Morrison, Pres
Louise Hasler, Sec.

Final pages were a listing of names who had donated to the emigration fund.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Amelia's Palace or Gardo House and the Silver Queen

Mrs. E.F. Holmes was also known as Utah's Silver Queen.  Her biography can be found in the following link:

Susanna epitomized an era of quick fortunes and expansive living from the gay nineties to the early nineteen hundreds. "Susie" to her friends, but "Utah's Silver Queen" to society writers, she was lauded by Washington newspapers as entertaining like a princess. Her exquisite gowns, rare jewels, and her $10,000 circular charm of platinum and diamonds were of paramount interest. She spent a great deal of time in Washington, much to the delight of that city's socialites who considered her vivacious, witty, sparkling, charming, and "much to behold."


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