Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Christiansens Migrate to America

This post was originally posted in February 2011.  This is an update with new information shared by Jack Rasmussen.

Not everyone who emigrated to Zion stayed.  We have had two histories submitted this past week that tell us of families that  came, didn't like it here and returned to Nebraska where others with the same feelings eventually gathered.  We share with you now the history of the Lars Christiansen Family.

Christensen, Lars_edited

Christiansen 1Christiansen 2
Christiansen 3Christiansen 4
Christiansen 5
citizen ship certIn a recent letter from Jack Rasmussen he states that "Anton II was born in Mt. Pleasant.  Anton I died at sea enroute to the USA from Denmark.  Sena Christiansen married Hans Rasmussen; and the Rasmussens listed are their children. Chris Christiansen was born on the way back to Omaha in Columbus Nebraska."

Saturday, April 29, 2017


Polygamy 15
Polygamy 13

Polygamy 17

Polygamy 18
          We now know that Bishop William S. Seely did adopt polygamy and had four wives 
Polygamy 19
Polygamy 20Polygamy 21Polygamy 22

Thursday, April 27, 2017

POLYGAMY IN MT. PLEASANT ~~~ Researched by Mary Louise Madsen Seamons

Over the next three days we will post a research paper done by Mary Louise for a college class in 1988.

Polygamy 1Polygamy 2Polygamy 3
Polygamy 4Polygamy 5

Polygamy 6
Tomorrow... Polygamist Families 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Autobiography and Journals of Christian Nielsen Lund Sr.

May 1896 ....following his missionary blessing ....

We were in all ten or twelve and 7 or 8 had gone on to meet us in Philadelphia.
In the evening we attended and entertainment given at Heber Iversons, as his brother, James F. Iverson was going with us. 

Lund p 40 001_editedLund p41 001_edited
Lund p42 001_editedLund p43 001_edited
Lund p44 001_editedLund p45 001_edited
Lund p46 001_editedLund p47 001_edited
             Sticks that fell from the trees, for firewood.  I lingered here a while and went and
             visited Niels Anderson, a son of Anders Jeppeson, where I  stayed 3 years when a boy.
             I had a pleasant visit here and returned to Kolding for the night.