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1900 COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM - Mt. Pleasant District School


This is so funnny.......please take time to read it! ---From Hilda's Scrapbook.
Cast of Characters:
Deli Kate - - - a young lady
Harry Man - - - her lover
Tom blackheart - - - a villain
Merry Lee - - - the maid
Epic Reader

Curtains, chairs, rubber ball, water pitcher, paper, table, toy broom, flat iron, chair, cloth to wring, Cards: SUN, HORIZON, MOMENT, HOUR, Banana peel, Rope

Our story is about a beautiful young girl named Deli Kate who has fallen in love with a handsome man named Harry Man. They loved each other deeply and looked forward to their wedding with joy. Alas---They did not reckon with the lovely lady's father. He had decided that his daughter should marry for money, and has arranged with Tom Blackheart, who is very rich, to marry Deli. Now Deli, as all lovely ladies do, decided that she would not marry the rich man and tells her father so. He has secretly arranged with Tom to kidnap her and carry her to his home. Tom has agreed to do this, and when our story opens he has been successful and she is a prisoner in his home.

Our stage is set---and the curtains are parted. (two persons carrying lace curtains for this) The sun slowly rises in the east. (Boy having card with word "Sun" slowly rises from his chair at the back of the stage.) The maid comes tearing up the stairs. (Tears up card and the word stairs written on it.) to prepare for the coming of her master, Tom Blackheart, who will be very angry if all is not as he desires. soon Tom comes bounding into the room (with rubber ball) for he has the beautiful Deli Kate as a prisoner, and he is going to make her his wife. He must attend to his business matters so that he may make some money to please her, so he seats himself at his desk and pours over his papers, (using a water pitcher).

At last his work is done and he may now enjoy the company of his lovely prisoner. He rings for the maid, (wrings a cloth), and when she comes, instructs her to tell deli to come to him at once. He loves her deeply, but she does not return his love. A moment passes. (person with the card "Moment" flits across the stage) and Deli comes sweeping into the room. (with toy broom). She is haughty and proud, but Tom again asks her to marry him. He will give her everything that money can buy. But no---she will not, for that would only bring her unhappiness. Then he becomes very angry and tells her that none other shall have her and she will hang in the tower at sunset. He stroms out of the room. (Lifts his coat collar and shivers.)

Oh sad world--- is there no hope for her? She sits at the table and weeps and weeps. She prays for her lover to come to her rescue. Oh, will no one come? She scans the HORIZON for help.., (person holds it up for her to look over). An HOUR slowly passes (person with card "HOUR" crosses with long delibverate steps.) It is almost time for the villain to return. Her doom is sealed and she weeps more bitterly. The villain returns---and she shrinks from him. No---she will have courage and she makes a lat appeal. (Takes banana peelings and holds it up to him). Once more she cries, "I appeal to you." But he storms, "your appeal is fruitless." (takes the banana peeling and throws it away. "You shall die at sunset." (Throws her from him. She falls to the floor.) Then he leaves her to her fate.

Suddenly, she hears a sound and listening, discovers that it is hoofbeats approaching the castle. Another "MOMENT" passes and her lover, Harry Man, comes dashing (dashing water from bucket) into the room. She is happy and her fears are over, for he will save her. (He takes her into his arms to comfort her.) He tenderly presses her hand. (With a flatiron) He tells her to have courage for all will be well with her now. He cautiously looks around and finds that the villain has gone. Then he leads her from the room (using a rope) and away from the house and the villain. Tom Blackheart is thwarted and our happy couple, liet us hope, will live happily ever after. Our story is finished and the curtains close. (Curtains close together)
Found in Hilda's Scrapbook

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N. P. Nielsen Home - Hans Brotherson Home

No longer standing.  Was located at 175 South 300 West, Mt. Pleasant.
Inscription by Carrie Nielsen Hafen -  on the back says: "This was our old home when I was in grade school.  The Hans Brotherson Home, now.  Bertha (Nielsen) and Mother (Maria Nielsen) on the front porch."  taken from Carrie Nielsen Hafen's Scrapbook

Hamilton Elementary Sixth Grade - approx 1955 - Mr. Little, Teacher

Friday, November 27, 2009

Two Unknown Horsemen - - - Now Known

Now discovered to be Boyd Waldemar on the left and Mont Olsen on the Right.

We  found a duplicate picture with the names on in Alice's Photo Collection.

Can you identify this home? Taken From Our Glass Plate Negative Collection

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The image may be reversed.


May 11th, 1874
Opened by singing and prayer by Sister Peel.  Minutes of a former meeting were read and accepted.  Sister  Morrison made a few remarks concerning the "United Order".  She said its like a new revelation to us in a way; hoped that we may be all prepared  for everything that will come along and also mentioned about this day being the 5th anniversary of the F.R. Society.

Sisters Monroe and Bransted both felt well; Sister Christina Jensen feels to do all the good she can to sustain this work.  She feels satisfied that something must come to wake us up and be one for Jesus said if we are not one, we ar none of his.  Several of the sisters spoke in Danish.  A good spririt prevailed.  Sister Seely and Sister Peterson visited the 4th Ward and gave good reports. . . hope to continue faithful so as to be worthy of the blessings from the faithful.  sister Peterson and Christison bore their testimony and felt well and feel something must come to unite us.  Sister Morrison remarked that the Gospel is good news to them that receive it. Let us remember that our desire was to be saved in the Kingdom of our God.  Everything that has been revealed is for our good.  For instance, now . Celestial Marriage, baptism for the dead, our journey across the plains that has been a trial for some.  This "United Order" is one more thing to purify us; let us trust in God and do the right.

A vote was taken that all present would fast and pray on the first Thursday in the next month that Sister Olsen's little girl should be restored to her health again.  Sister  Peel explained in the Danish language what had been said and made a few remarks.  Sister Winkler and Hasler  felt well, hope to remain to the end.  Sister Harsley hoped that more united will soon bind us more together.  She said let us encourage the Sunday School. . .  that will be one step towards it.   Sister A. Johnsen gave good reports of the 3rd Ward.

Closed by singing and prayer by sister Hemmet.

M.F.Morrison, President
E. Wallis, Secretary

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American Legion Ladies 1959

Front Row L to R: ?, Helen Rigby, Olive Pritchett, ?, ?,?, Minnie Rutishauser, ?, Ethel Ericksen, ?
Back Row L to R: Afton Johansen, Leila Larsen, Mary Ursenbach, ?, Betty Farley, ?,?,Pat Olsen,?, Glenda Staker, Mrs. Clitheroe, Ina Hughes, Arcalee Larsen, Ruby Ericksen, Amy Ursenbach

Hamilton Elementary School Band 1952 - 53

Tudy Barentsen  Standlee Collection

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N. P. Nielsen Home

on the back:  Mother, Aunt Maria, Nellie or Carrie - When Dad and Mother lived there.
This home was located at about 600 West Main
It was burned down in the 1980s
(from Alice's Photos From the Past)

Walter Christensen and Lawrence Ericksen - From Alice's Photos

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mary Miranda Seely Peel Family

l to r: Mary Miranda Seely Peel, Jennie Eunice Peel Rasmussen, Clarissa Jane Wilcox Seely

Friday, November 13, 2009

Our Friend L.R. (Buddy) Christensen Introduces Himself

(taken from a letter written to Dorothy Jacobs Buchanan and published in his book, "You Knew Me As Buddy")

Female Relief Society - - - April 6, 1874

Meeting held in Social Hall, April 6th, 1874. Opened by singing and prayer by Sister Simpson. Minutes of a former meeting were read and approved of.

Sister Morrison expressed her gratitude to all present for assembling together with such a good influence. Then she called for the Visiting Teachers to give in their reports and let us hear how the people feels (sp)

The Teachers accordingly gave favorable reports; few wants among the poor. Sister Tregore is in need of assistance. Brother C. Anderson wished to pay the Dr. 3-50, but not able to do so. The Society agreed to pay it in flower (sp).

Several of the Sisters made a few remarks and expresssd themselves freely. Sister Morrison spoke to the Mothers to teach their little ones to pray, let them grow up in the fear of the Lord - pure and holy before Him. For God will in a measure hold us responsible for them. And in regard to the "U.O." (United Order) let us be faithful and true to our calling, for God requireth nothing more than we can perform. Also spoke about our meeting house being in such a dirty and filthy condition and grieved to think that a place of worship should be kept in such a way. A vote was called for; that we should clean it. It was responded to.

Closed by singing. Prayer by Sister Peterson.

M.F. Morrison, Presidentess
E. Wallis, Secretary

Ours To Fight For

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The picture above is of a street lantern that stands in the Relic Home Front Hall.  It was one of the five original lanterns  that lit Mt. Pleasant Main Street between 1889 and 1893. 

Mount Pleasant’s First Street Lights

The December 4, 1889 city record shows that Councilman Syndergaard moved that coal oil street lamps be placed as follows: “One at Hans Nielsen’s corner, one at N.S. Nielsen’s corner, one at Peel’s corner, one at the Co-op corner, and one at Church Square”.
Five coal oil lamps, which were said to add “a dignified appearance to the city. It was then very common for the people to carry lanterns.”

July 9, 1893, the city granted to Wm. Zabriskie, the first Electric Light franchise. Associated with him were August Lundberg, Jonas H. Ericksen, Rasmus Anderson, Leonard Jordan and J.H. Seeley. This venture led to electric poles being placed down the center of Main Street. (Mt. Pleasant Book, Hilda Madsen Longsdorf ; pgs. 167 - 171)

Bert Hafen and Carrol Staker

Bert and possiibly Carrol Staker

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5000 VISITS !

We started our blog in July of 2008 - posting just once a week.  Our posts consisted of local events in the community, our thoughts  and a few pictures.  Overtime, we added more and more pictures, a few "smilebox" video pieces, and a "Pioneer of the Month". We monitored what people were looking for through various site monitors. Overtime, we  have increased our posting to an average of two per day. Visitors from around the world visit these pages for family history and genealogy.  Thanks to you all, we are growing in popularity. Many have helped by  supplying us with their personal photos and histories.  Our purpose is to preserve the history of Mt. Pleasant, Utah for many generations to come.  We  are still lacking important events and rare photos.  Please help us out if you can.  We love your comments and suggestions as well as your contributions.  Thank You !!

Alice Hafen's Own Grandson - Tabernacle Choir

Those of you who know Grandma Alice Hafen can only imagine the joy she felt when her grandson, Mark Hafen joined the Mormon Tabernacle Choir a few years ago.  Actually it wasn't a matter of "joining" it was a matter of being chosen from hundreds if not thousands who try out every year.  But what a rigorous schedule each member has to commit themselves to.  Practices at the tabernacle or convention center every Thursday night as well as the Sunday morning broadcast.  Then there is the travel, which is not always convenient to the choir members or their employers.

"Choir members sing because they love to share truth and the beauty of music with people everywhere. Some of them commute as far as 164 miles round-trip two or more times weekly, not only for the regular network broadcasts, but for rehearsals, conferences, and other events. All contribute their talents and time without compensation, except for the joy they receive in service."
See for more information.
Mark is the son of Donald and the late Lela Allred Hafen.  He grew up in Provo and now works as a lab technician for LDS hospital in Salt Lake City. He has a beautiful tenor voice and also plays and teaches piano.

Calendar 1896

I love the beautiful Victorian Artwork that was used to embellish their cards, calendars, candy boxes, cigar boxes, etc. The above calendar is embossed and done on shiny cardstock with gilt edges. The photo does not do it justice.
Genealogy Quote

"In all of us there is a hunger, marrow-deep, to know our heritage - to know who we are and where we have come from."

~Alex Haley

L.D.S. Temple

L.D.S. Temple
Manti Temple