Monday, August 30, 2010

Easter Picnic ~ South of Peter Azel Peel Farm ~ from Alice's Photos from the Past

An Easter Picnic south of the Peter Azel Peel Farm. L to R:  Mary Margaret Peel, holding Florence Nielsen; Alice Peel, standing; Aunt Floss Nielsen, sitting; Howard Nielsen in front; Lois Peel, Iris Rasmussen.  In the distance is Gladys Ericksen and ?.  Easter Bonnets

Victorian Children

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Choir Party and Ward Social ~Benefit of Dewey Scow

from Carrie Hafen's Saved Clippings

Construction of the New North Ward L.D.S. Church 1952 ~ from the Elva Guyman Collection

The cornerstone of this new meeting house is dated 1952. the year construction of the new building was started. Dedication was June 24, 1956
Look to the far right of the photo. Social Hall is still standing.

The building could not be dedicated until it was payed for.  The new church was completely built in 1954.  It was dedicated in 1956.  Many banquets were held to raise money to pay for the building.  Those that remember say, "We ate our way into the new North Ward Church".

New North Ward Church ~~ The black Ford directly in front is Neldon Rigby's ~my father who helped construct it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

William Morrison Obituary ~ Died 20 August 1889

MORRISON, WILLIAM (son of George Charles Morrison and Mary Ann Bruce of Aberdeen, Scotland). Born Sept. 7, 1820, at Inverury, Aberdeen, Scotland. Came to Utah 1856, Knud Peterson company. Married Margaret Forquhar Cruikshank Dec. 22, 1843, Aberdeen, Scotland (daughter of William Cruikshank and Mary Forquhar of Aberdeen, Scotland), who was born June 5, 1823. Their children: Anthony Bruce b. Oct. 30, 1844, d. 1848; Andrew, Mary Margaret, Mary Isabella and Sarah, all died in childhood; William b. Dec. 9, 1856, m. Emma Sorenson; Mina b. March 13, 1859, m. Henry Erickson; Tina b. Feb. 15, 1863, m. Ferdinand Erickson. Family resided Aberdeen, Scotland, and Utah. Married Caroline Christina Iverson, Ephraim, Utah (daughter of Jeppe Iverson an Anna Christina Jensen of Jutland, Denmark, pioneers 1856, Knud Peterson company). She was born Dec. 15, 1842. Their children: James Bruce, m. Caroline Amanda Foutz; Amanda Puella, m. John A. Hellstrom; Alexander, M. Cecelia Seare; Annie Christina, m. John W. Orrock; George Charles, m. Mary Avery; Walter William, m. Christina Sellers; William, died; LaFayette, m. Cora Snow; Lula, m. Lorenzo Barr. Family resided Mt. Pleasant and Richfield, Utah. Married Martha Maria Hansen Sept. 21, 1861, at Mt. Pleasant, Utah (daughter of Niels Hansen, died in Denmark, and Mette Maria Hansen of Denmark, pioneer 1860, handcart company). She was born Nov. 21, 1846, and came to Utah with mother. Their children: Martha b. April 20, 1863, m. Joseph S. Horne; Hannah, d. child; Charles Henry, m. Isabella Dunn; Robert Bruce, m. Lillie Seare; Mary Ann Bruce, m. Christopher D. Swan, m. Jeff Drake; Mary Margaret, d. infant; Cosmelia Jamima, d. infant; Henrietta Angelina, m. Chester A. Altsire; William Arthur, m. Ester Elgreen; Isabella, m. O. A. Cushing. Family resided Mt. Pleasant and Richfield, Utah. President Woolwich conference of England. Settled at Richfield 1864. Sevier stake clerk; president high priests quorum; patriarch. Probate judge of Sevier county; representative Utah territorial legislature; clerk of Sevier county. Veteran Indian war; member Utah militia. Ship builder; farmer. Died Aug. 7, 1889, Clear Creek, Utah.

Certificate of Promotion - Maggie Ericksen 1895

Thursday, August 26, 2010

J.Leo Seely, Prominent Local Man Killed ~ 12 July 1971

Mt. Pleasant's Doughboy ~ Alice Photos from the Past

This photo shows Mt. Pleasant's Doughboy as it stood in the middle of the intersection of Main Street and State Street in 1918.  Notice the Carnegie Library on the right side.  Behind the Library you see the bell tower and roof of Hamilton Elementary School.And to the left we see the old ZCMI or Madsen Longsdorf Store.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Glass Plate Negative Photos restored by Chas Hathaway

Do you recognize any of these homes from glass plate negatives taken in the late 1800s? 

The first is of Bon Acord Cottage and the home of William and  Mary Margaret Forquhar Morrison.  It was also used as one of the first telegraph offices in Mt. Pleasant.  Wilhemina Morrison Ericksen operated the telegraph there.  It was located on the now Wasatch Academy property.

Can you identify this home and its family?
It is unknown to us.  Please help !!!

And here is another home we hope someone can help us identify.

We certainly appreciate Chas Hathaway for restoring these photos.

More to come soon....

More about Glass Plate Negatives:

Military Pomp and Ceremony~ 222nd Field Artillery

Lee R. Christensen adds: Kathy: I do not recognize any of the enlisted troopers in the photo. But Joe Buys who was probably the Officer of the Day inspecting the group was well known to North Sanpete and Wasatch Academy football players. He was the coach at Richfield and I don't remember either school beating them in my day. When the Utah National Guard mobilized in March 1941 a good number of high school coachs were mobilized with it. Both Mt Pleasant schools , Brunger from Wasatch and Fuller from Noth Sanpete went into service along with Buys, Richfield and Wade ,Salina just to name four. lee 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mrs. Margaret Wilcox Brandon Obituary

New Family Search has her death at 2 February 1942, which would have made her 102 at her death.  I tend to believe she died in 1924 as was shown in Hilda's Scrapbook.

Barton, Mrs. S.A. (Clara) ~ unknown date

Matilda Josephine Anderson Burns Bennett ~ Obituary

deathdate:  13 February 1936

Bjelke, Mary Wall Obituary ~ July 5, 1931

Hilda's Scrapbook lists her as dieing in 1943, however, Family Search has her deathdate as July 5, 1931.

Borg, James ~ Last Rites~ 1937

Burton, Joseph ~ Handcart Pioneer ~ Called by Death ~ 1924

Braby, Eliza Keddington ~ Funeral Service ~ 1927

Friday, August 13, 2010

Female Relief Society January 24, 1876

Meeting held January 24, 1876.  Meeting opened with singing, "Oh Saints Have You Seen" , etc. Prayer by Sister Peel.  Sister Morrison was absent and Sister Peel presided.  The minutes of a former meeting were read and accepted.  Sister Peel addressed the sisters ~ said that they should help those who deserve help and not those who were idle and who would not exert themselves.  Sister Simpson and Bertelsen bore their testimonies and felt well.  Sister Simpson said she hoped the Lord would strengthen Sister Morrison.  Sister Petersen gave some good instructions ~ thought if we could not understand the United Order, we shouldn't say anything against it.  A numbe of the sisters bore their testimonies and a good spirit was among them.  Meeting closed with singing, "Do What Is Right".  The prayer was given by Sister Fredricksen.
Augusta Dehlin, Secty

Female Relief Society December 12, 1875

Meeting December 12th 1875
Meeting opened with singing "Happy Is the Man Who Hears", etc.  Prayer by Sister Peel.  Singing "Glorious Things Are Sung of Zion", etc.  Minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted and the reports read.  Sister Morrison said she was glad to have an opportunity to meet with the sisters again.  Said she hoped the sisters would all try to take an interest in the way in whice they were engaged.  If we would set an example of truth and righteousness before our families, they wyould remember it. Precept was good but example is better.  She spoke of home industry; the shawls which have been woven and the artificial flowers.  Sister Peel bore her testimony.  She also spoke on home manufacture.  Said if we are self sustaining people, it is time to begin.  Sister Simpson bore her testimony ~ thought it was a duty for the sisters to meet together.  The sisters had been organized and that they are an organization in the kingdom of God. ~ Said she was very much interested in home industries that the sisters were engaged in, although she had done nothing to assist it.  Sister Morrison thought Sister Simpson had done as much or more than any one else and proposed a vote of thanks for her patience and perseverance in the good work.  The hymn "Sing to the Great Jehova's Praise" was sung.  Sister Jensen gave some good instruction ~ said she hoped the sisters would take an interest in their daughters and instruct them in something useful and instructive, and not use so much foolishness in dressing.  Sister Peterson bore her testimony and said she knew the Spirit of the Lord was in our midst.  The sisters of the visiting committee gave in their reports.  Prayer by Sister Christensen.
MFMC Morrison. Pres
Hilda Dehlin, Sec.

Genealogy Quote

"In all of us there is a hunger, marrow-deep, to know our heritage - to know who we are and where we have come from."

~Alex Haley

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