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Relief Society Held January 8, 1877

Meeting held 8 Jan 1877.  Opened with singing "Come the Glorious Day of Promise.
Prayer by Sister Madsen.
Sister Morrison addressed the Sisters and felt grateful to have an opportunity to meet again with the Sisters in the new year and was more glad to so many of the Sisters together and hoped that with the Spirit of the Lord we would have a good meeting.
She said there was many things she liked to talk about, but she would also like to hear the Sisters  bear their testimony.
One thing presses upon her mind as we have began a new year, we will try to ...... to every call and duty, there is a short time that had no oil in their lamps.....before the Bridegroom comes.
She made some valuable remarks about being united and .......not to talk against one another's feelings. Also to learn our children to do the same by prayerful and .....to be a good example in all things.  Then she gave place for the Sisters to talk.
Sister Madsen said that she felt so pleased to see so many of the Sisters here and hoped that the good attendance will continue in the new year so that we  will have meetings and that all Sisters can be benefited.
Most all the Sisters present bore their testimony. Not one rose to speak.  That ......a good desire to do better in the new year.
Sister Seely and Sister Rowe from Indianola....were present, both felt well and pleased to meet with their Sisters and more as opportunity ...... they were long missed.

Sister Rowe brought such a very good report from the Lamanites there.  That
there were so many anxious to hear from the Gospel of Jesus Christ and willing to do every good thing that were taught to them.

All the sisters went home with cheerful countenance showing that a good spirit prevailed.  Our meeting was then closed after singing and prayer.

Louise Hasler, Sec.

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