Monday, January 9, 2012

Farnworth Family Reunion July 15, 1915 ~ Yellowstone Park ~ sent in by Richard E. Jackson

The history behind these two pictures is:  The George Farnworth Family Reunion first met on 15 July, 1915 in Ashton, Idaho.  and after several days of family reunion fun and activities they all got into their wagons and headed for Yellowstone Park.  The larger picture is of the group resting along the trail on their way to the Park.  The smaller picture was taken at the Park.  I will also send you a third picture with them on the trail in their buggies heading to the Park, and fourth picture of their camp.  I have several more pictures that were taken on this 1915 Farnworth Reunion trip to Yellowstone Park.  Many of the Farnworth family in these pictures were born or lived in Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

Deena Sutton posted two pictures on the Relic Home Blog.  I have attached the pictures with the names that I have identified.  I love your blog!

Richard E Jackson
Farnworth Family Historian and Genealogist
(4 attached pictures)

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