Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines From the Past ~ Alice Hafen Collection

Oh how I wish I could scan these in 3D.  I love old Valentines

 This little girl with a guitar has movable parts.  If you
pull downward on her extended red bow, she strums
the guitar.
On the back it says "To Alice from Louise".  


This 3 D Valentine was given to JoAnn Hafen  (Granger) from
Mary Louise Madsen (Seamons)
It pulls from the bottom revealing a mirror on the inside of the trunk 
that says "My Valentine, I Love You Best"
On each side are honeycomb hearts.
Just lovely.

You can see on this one the white envelope pulls open the message inside "Be My Valentine".
When the envelope pushes back, it reveals a little guy that says " Say You'll be Mine Won't You Please".

You Probably guessed.  The fan moves up and down on this cute little Kitty.

This one is so beautiful.  
It opens up in many layers.
On the back 
"To Alice Peel from Chariton"

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