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History of Our Dough Boy

"Doughboy"is an informal term for a member of the United States Army or Marine Corps. Today it is especially used to refer to members of the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I. (A popular mass-produced sculpture of the 1920s, the Spirit of the American Doughboy,   
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The following comes from History of Mt. Pleasant.

World War

When the United States entered the World War, the people of Mt. Pleasant loyally responded to every call, and made a record of which it may well be proud. One hundred and eighteen boys enlisted from Mt. Pleasant, and a number of Mt. Pleasant's sons enlisted from other communities. As the boys, one by one or in groups, boarded the train, great crowds, although sad at heart, cheered them as they left for the front. Three of the number died in service. Ralph Braby, while in California, was drowned, Jacob Hafen died of disease, and Henry Merville Zabriskie was killed in action, over seas.

The Sanpete County Council of Defense was organized as follows: J. W. Cherry, chairman; Burke McArthur, secretary; Ed. Johnston, treasurer; Committee chairmen, Finance, N. S. Niel­sen; Publicity, ,Burke McArthur; Legal, J. W. Cherry; Sanitation and Medicine, Ed. Johnston; Food supply and conservation, L. R. Anderson; Industrial survey, Orlando Bradley; Labor, Christian Willardsen; Military affairs, J. Morgan Johnson; State protection, H. R. Thomas; Survey of man power, L. P. Brady; Woman's work, Mrs. G. W. Martin.

In June 1918, there were deposited in the Mt. Pleasant Com­mercial and Savings Bank, by Mr. N. S. Nielsen, county chairman of finance, to the credit of W. G. McAdoo, treasurer of the Nation­al American Red Cross, seven thousand five hundred dollars.

The citizens went over the top in the various other drives conducted. Liberty bonds, postal savings, Soldier's Welfare Re­lief, Christmas boxes, tobacco, conservation of food, etc.

Local committees were organized, among them the local Red Cross. The officers of this organization visited the neighboring cities, Fairview, Fountain Green, Moroni, Wales, Chester and Spring City, and in cooperation with them, purchased material and sewed articles called for. There were checked out something over $3.000, which had been obtained by weekly canvasses made by wo­men and girls, and by other volunteer donations other than the National drives. Mt. Pleasant headquarters were established at about 122 West Main, where the women, some representing differ­ent organizations, met and did sewing, etc., required. Many ship­ments of goods were made. The officers at this time were: C. L. Johns, president; Mrs. Grace Madsen and Miss Irene Nielsen, vice presidents; Miss Hilda Madsen, secretary and treasurer.

Mt. Pleasant History (1939) pp 199-200 by Hilda Madsen Longsdorf


The original location of the Dough Boy was right in the center of the intersection of State Street and Main Street.



 Honoring all soldiers in all wars .

"To Honor Those Who Left Our Midst To Fight For Freedom" 

In 2008 the "old armory" now recreation center  was given the artist touch with Soldiers from all wars painted on the south exterior wall.;postID=3738460868035955231;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=32;src=postname

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