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Autobiography & Journal of John Meyrick

AUTOBIOGRAPHY: (From handwritten ledger by John Meyrick and also a typewritten copy by Jamima Johannsen Jensen. I, Ione Merrick Bush retyped his diary and added some changes or differences from a history written by my grandmother Hattie Henry Merrick from interviews she had with John & Jamima H Meyrick. She titled it 'A Short Sketch of John Meyrick's Life.' I have included differences and/or corrections in [ ] in the following text: 'LIFE OF JOHN AND JAMIMA HUTCHENSON MEYRICK - TAKEN FROM A DIARY WRITTEN WHILE PIONEERING - BY JOHN MEYRICK 'My name is John Meyrick, I was born Tuesday, May 17th, 3 p.m. 1831 at Talgath (sic) Broctonshire (sic) Wales. [Internet research: gives spelling as Talgarth, Breconshire or Brecknockshire.] 'My father's name was James Meyrick born at Darnell Cottage, Warchestersire (sic) [should be Worcestershire] England on January 15, 1798, and died at Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete County, Utah. My mother's name was Elizabeth Mumford, [Ibush note: Copy of James' & Elizabeth's marriage license shows her maiden name as 'Bumford' and her father as 'Edward Bumford' md. Third of August 1817, per Parish register, Bettws Cedewain, Montgomeryshire, Wales. Copy in my poss. and James' history at] 'born January 16, 1799 Wales, died Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete County, Utah. My grandfather was Thomas Meyrick and my grandmother was Lord Foley's daughter. When she died she left a great sum of money in the bank in England for her three children when they became of age. But it is still there. The children did not get it because their mother had married out of the ranks and we cannot get it because we cannot find the place and date of her death except in England. 'My father and mother had 9 children [Ibush Note:Family Group Sheets list: John I, b. 1829; John II (himself) b. 1831; Mary Ann; Thomas; George; No names or info on other 4. He names himself & other 3 as being baptized into LDS Church 1849, later in this history.] 'Father was a hard working man and had not the means to send me to school although I learned to read and write by going to Sunday School at the church of England. I had to work when very small frightening birds off from the grain. I had to be at the field two miles from home by daylight for if the birds beat me there they raised "Ned" and I got it from the Master. His name was James Porter a kind man and I liked him very much. ['The name of the farm was called the Nunnery Farm two miles from Worcester, Worchestershire, England.' per Hattie Merrick's history] 'At this time my father was called away and was gone 2 years. [Hattie M's history: 'My father's work called him away to another place called Boarson (Borson)] After that we moved many times as father's work did not last long in one place. He drained land and made pools and coach roads for the Lords of the land. At Kembery (sic) [Hattie M: 'Trembury,' but I,Ione Bush, think it's 'Tenbury' parish, because that is where Darnal Cottage is.] we stayed long enough for me to get 3 months of schooling, ['six months' per Hattie M.] which helped me very much. I had lost the sight of one eye caused from a cold. This handicapped me some. From there we went to Ludlow to drain land for Lord Clive at Oakley Park. My brother and I got a good job there also, but our boss was very harsh. We watched for a chance for something better and it soon came. Father got the job of hireing (sic) the men to drain land for Lord Dereton ['Lord Darton' per Hattie M.] Here we had very good work. 'Then the Mormon Elders came along preaching glad tidings of joy to all men. ['So father and mother were baptized in August, 1849, and my sister Mary Ann, me, and brothers Thomas and George were baptized on the 13th of September, 1849' per Hattie M.] We heard and received it and were baptized Sept. 13, 1849, me, father, mother, Mary Ann, Thomas, George, and I were baptized in the river Thame ['River Teme, Ludlow, Shropshire, England' per Hattie M.] at Ludlow by Elder Edward Jones. I was also ordained a deacon. Then father asked me if I wanted to go to the Valleys. I did very much so he borrowed 8 pounds and gave to Elder Wm. Finch to bring me to the Mts. They did not have enough money for all the family to come, but father thought if I'd go first and board with Elder Finch, we could all get thru alright (sic). 'So on February 23, 1853 we started on the International. There were 319 people on board. David Brown was captain; Alfred Horse, sailing master ['House, 1st mate' per Hattie M.]; James Campbell, 1st mate; John Marson, 3rd mate; the cook, I forget his name, he was an Irishman. The Carpenters name Westline answered the first of the ship's company to embrace our holy creed. Then came a scramble - crew, called sailors or shipriggers - amounting to about eighteen, Swedes, Dutch and Norwegians. We baptized them all but two days on sea. I have forgotten the names of the rest, but we baptized them all except the cook and some went on to the valleys. We were 8 weeks except 2 days on sea and only one death. We landed in New Orleans in May with not a penny in my pocket. I had had my over coat stolen and the one who took it knew to whom it belonged because my hymn book was in the pocket. I sold my stove pipe hat and got a little money and started up the river. ['for Keokuk, ten miles from Nauvoo. We stayed there three weeks waiting for a pilot.' per Hattie M.] We stopped 10 miles from NaVan three weeks where I worked a little and the money I got I gave to Elder Finch. I became very lonely for the first time in my life so I went into the woods and wrote a letter home. When I got back to camp I saw oxen yoked up for the first time. 'Finch got 2 oxen and an old wagon and we started for Council Bluffs but broke down. Some of the Saints said we would never make it with that outfit, but Elder Finch said he had to get back to Salt Lake so we fixed it and went ahead. 'We saw Nauvoo, the place the saints were driven from, at a distance. We got to Indian Creek that night. It was raining hard so we slept under the wagon. I shall never forget that night, we were wet through. When morning came we went on making bridges and wading creeks to Council Bluffs. Here they coaxed for us to stay, but to no purpose. Means were short so Finch got a job for me driving a team for Davison to the Valley. So I joined Brother Cyrus Wheelocks Co. [Ibush note: Verified on Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel, 1847-1868: 'Cyrus H. Wheelock Company; Departure: 1-3 June 1853; Arrival in Salt Lake Valley: 6-16 October 1853; Co. Info: About 400 individuals and 52 wagons were in the company when it began its journey from the outfitting post at Keokuk, Iowa. This company included a California company. They crossed the Missouri River on July 11. John Meyrick is listed as 'Male, Age 22. Birthdate Unknown.'] 'Brother Rogers and wife went with us to the river. It was raining toads and frogs. They were all over the road. We crossed allright and the Rogers went back. 'Davison was a cross old Chap. I had a mind to leave him several times. 'The Indians bothered a great deal. Once they stopped us and prepared to fight, but we passed it off by giving them sugar and flour and treating them kindly. 'There were many buffalo. I killed one at Chimney rock. It was good meat. The oxen's necks were sore from the bad yoke. One of the sisters was washing one's neck when an Indian chief saw her. He offered us six horses for her. 'At noon one day we got word the Indians were driving the cattle down the river. I started to cross after them on one of Captain Wheelock's horses, not knowing how to swim him, I came nie drowning. John Taylor from Manchester, England came to help me. I got safely ashore "Thank God." But Jack was drowned. There was such a wind, hail and rain we could not find his body. It was found six weeks later by immigrants two miles down the river. 'This made all of our camp feel very badly. I was on guard with him a few nights before and heard him say he believed he would never die a natural death. 'There were a great many wolves all the way from Independence rock on. We had meetings every Sunday while crossing. 'We ferried over Sweet Water and Green River. Louis Robinson kept the boat. ['Met Jim Ferguson and Captain Wheelock's wife, Mary Ann Broomhead, a fine woman to look at.' per Hattie M.] We reached Salt Lake October 6, 1853, being 7 months and 13 days since I left home. I was now 22 years old. ['In Salt Lake City at meeting Jedediah Grant preached on the destruction of the wicked. Saw John Smith, the Patriarch. Knew him at sight. I had seen him in a dream. . .' per Hattie M.] 'I went and slept in a haystack with no supper. It rained and was bad weather for several days. I would dry myself in the daytime. I was ashamed to ask for food and I had no job. Now I prayed for work so I would get bread. Wm. Vernory (sic) ['Verney' per Hattie M.] came at last and offered me work. I accepted gladly and was thankful to him. He took me home and gave me a good dinner of bread, milk, and squash. I had never tasted squash before and it tasted very good. I was ashamed when I came to look at the bowl I had emptied, but I never told them I had gone without eating for so long. 'I went to work for $12 a month, but when the first month was over he gave me a pigeon tail coat for pay. 'Then Richard Merderth (sic) ['Meredith' per Hattie M.] took me to his house. I worked most of that winter on the city mud wall for $1 a day. ['Worked most of the winter. Went to Tooele to build wall like the other.' per Hattie M.] I gave my money to Mr. Merderth (sic) to help keep his family. 'In 1854 Elder Finch came and wished me to go to Battle Creek, ['Utah County' per Hattie M.] now Pleasant Grove, Utah to dig wells. I dug three 60 feet deep and one 40 feet. I was now making pretty good. McCarte (sic) [Bro. MacArthur' per Hattie M.] gave me a cow for pay. 'In the meantime we were training as soldiers and guarding the place by night. The Indians were very bad. I saw Chief Walker here. 'In 1855 I went to Provo to Conference and heard Parley P. Pratt preach on marriage. 'Brother McCarthe ['Father MacArthur' per Hattie M.] brought me a Desert (sic) News telling of the arrival of the Milton Anderson Company. [Ibush note: It may have been the Milo Andrus Co. since no company is listed as Milton Anderson Co. on website:] 'In this were the names of those who had just arrived in Salt Lake. My father and mother were there, also brother George, and nephew James Pemlow (sic) and Susannah Wishaw. I road (sic) a wild horse to the City to see them. ['Their names are James Meyrick, Elizabeth Mumford Meyrick, George Meyrick, James Wishaw, Pemlow Wishaw, and Susannah Wishaw.' per Hattie M.] 'Father was sick and had been most of the way. Pemlow had mountain fever. ['Pemlow has been very sick with the mountain fever. Most of the hair has come out of her head.' per Hattie M.] 'It was hard times then for both man and beast, the grasshoppers having destroyed most of the grain. I had 17 bushels of wheat, a house and lot in Battle Creek. ['gave it to my folks also and started for San Bernadino, California, in 1856, with Tom Robens and family. James MacArthur and family, Philip June, and 50 head of cattle.' per Hattie M.] They lived in Battle Creek until 1859 then moved to Mt. Pleasant. 'Just at this time a group of people came thru on their way to California. I got a job driving 50 head of their cattle. I walked all the way herding both night and day, but we got there alright. 'I found California to be a good country for most everything. At Los Angeles I saw a Spanish bull fight but I didn't care for that kind of sport. On New Year's Day I went to the St. Gaberal (sic) ['St. Gabriel' per Hattie M.] races. I bet $7 against a mare and won then sold the mare for $20. I went and heard Sparks and Benson spout about the Mormons. They tried to excite the people against them, but they did not. ['This was about the time of the Mountain Meadow Massacre.' per Hattie M.] I stayed until I was called home. I bought a horse, saddle, and pistol and came back with some of the people I went with. ['but poor Philip June. He stayed. We got back all right, and very glad I was to find my folks all well. 1858.' per Hattie H.] 'Arriving home I was glad to find my folks well, but poor Samuel Merderth (sic) ['Meredith' per Hattie M.] was dead. He had told his mother to give me his dog. She did and I kept him until he died which was several years. 'The United States soldiers were after us now and we were ready for them, not to fight, but to teach the gospel to them if they would hear it. They had lots of gold and silver, clothing, horses, oxen, mules and wagons. This was fulfilling the words of the prophets that they should come to beautify the place of the Lord.' ['George Meyrick and I bought a white ox from one of the teamsters that was given out. This is the first they ever owned. I went to work.' per Hattie M.] 'In 1859 I and my brother George went to Sanpete County. First to Moroni thru to Hamelton (sic) ['Hampton' per Hattie M.] now called Mt. Pleasant, where we worked on the wall 23 days, we thought Sanpete was a grand place. George took up some land and we had to join teams to plow the ground was so hard. ['George Coates and I had to join teams to plow the ground it was so hard. 'One day one of George's oxen was found dead. Soon after the black one was missing. We found it dead, but we tugged along with one team and got in some wheat, and made a ditch to water it. This ditch runs through the lot I own at 1st West and 4th North Mt. P. We worked canyon roads until we each got a lot inside the walls. We took up four lots in the city site. ['Father Ivie is the President. Tom Ivie is a mad patient. He hurt Father Andrew on the head with a large stick and broke his skull. He died in the night. Neilson Tidwell and myself took Tom into custody, then we guarded him all night. W. S. Seely took him to Ephraim and delivered him up to the Justice of the Peace. Sad time of mourning.' per Hattie M.] 'We raised a good crop of wheat and moved father and mother and all to Sanpete. ['In 1860 we moved our parents from Pleasant Grove to San Pete.' per Hattie M.] We built a house, but we didn't know much about building, the chimney fell down twice in a single day, but we put it up until it would stand. This house still stands in Mt. Pleasant only there was an addition of two more rooms some years later. I gave up my land to the authorities four times. 'I was now called to go back to meet the companies of emergants (sic). In 1861 I went back to the Missouri River to meet John Murdock's company. On this trip I was gone 7 months and only lost 4 nights without food. I saved a boy from drowning in the Platt river. His name was Christensen ['Christian' per Hattie M.] and his mother wanted to give him to me because I saved his life. 'When I met them some of the younger ones were walking. One girl especially attracted my attention because she was so pretty. I let her ride with me every time I could. This was our courtship. We were married as soon as we reached the valleys, on her 18th birthday October 28, 1861 by Bishop Harrington ['Cretington' per Hattie M.] at the house of her father at American Fork. 'My wife Jamima Hutchensen (sic) [usually spelled 'Hutchison' by family members] was born October 28, 1843 at Mt. Pleasant, Fifshire Scotland. Her father was David Hutchensen, her mother Janette Corkston (sic) [usually spelled 'Crookston'] both born in Scotland. They were hardworking people. Jamima worked in the linen mills when she was very small. Here she got her first two fingers on her right hand cut off at the second joint. Her parents were among the first to receive the Gospel so she was born in the faith. She was baptized by her father when she was 8 years old. She was twelve years younger than myself, but we were happy. 'In November 1861 we were notified we could get our endowments if we cared to. We were very happy for the privilege so on Nov. 24 we went to Salt Lake and were sealed together for time and all eternity, by one who had the power, W. W. Woodruff. Brigham Young was present. 'In 1862 I went to Carson to help the saints as the Indians were very bad burning houses and killing people. I was caught and held 4 days by them. Our first child Jeanette was born in Aug. of this year. We had 15 children, 7 girls and 8 boys. During this time we had to work very hard. My wife was strong. She worked when her baby was only a few days old doing her washings and other hard work. 'The Indians were bad all of this time. In 1871 I had 2 mares and colts stolen by them. In this same year my dear father died. He had always been on hand to protect the Saints and he did a great deal of watching by night and guarding stock by day and doing whatever he could to benefit the community at large. He was 73 years old. He left all of his property in Pleasant Grove to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. ['He signed off his property to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the year 1857 at Pleasant Grove, Utah County.' per Hattie M.] 'I worked in the order part of the time doing street work and herding cattle. 'I was the first man from Mt. Pleasant to work on the Manti Temple. I commenced work Jan 8, 1878. Warren Snow was boss. Wm. Hinkley was there. I and my son J.D. hauled the first rock with my team. ['James D. Meyrick and George Meyrick hauled the first rocks for the building of the Manti Temple, I believe, with my team.' per Hattie M.] We hauled lumber for the temple in June 1881. I donated money many times. 'In 1884 I was ordained a Seventy of the 66 Quorum. 'In November 1887 I was called by Bishop Seeley and the temple committee to take lead and preside over the boarding house in Manti. The temple was dedicated May 22, 1888. I, my wife and daughter Jeanette and granchild attended. Brother Snow opened meeting by singing, prayer by F. Richards. Brother Snow then asked us all to stand on our feet and give an angelic shout to God and the lamb so they could hear us in the Eternal worlds. So we shouted three times "Hosanna Hosannah to God and the Lamb forever and ever amen and amen and amen." And it seemed to me the spirits came and joined us in rejoycing (sic). 'On May 25th three days later I took five of my children thru the temple, Elizabeth Jane, Mary, Christina, Hyrum and Joseph the youngest I had by the hand all the way. In one of the rooms it seemed all of my dead friends were around me. The joy I felt I cannot tell, with my little boy often looking up at me. I would like to know what he felt at that time.' Added Note by Jamima Johannsen Jensen: 'John Meyrick died April 22, 1899, at Mt. Pleasant, Utah. His wife Jamima Hutchensen Meyrick lived a widow 23 years. I remember her to be a very good woman. She always paid her tithing and prayed night and morning. She was an ideal grandmother. I lived with her a lot in the summer. She never complained of anything. Every morning she would go to the door or window and say, 'Another beautiful day, we must be thankful for it.' She died Sept. 21, 1922, at Mt. Pleasant, Utah. 'ADDED IN THE HISTORY BY HATTIE MERRICK: 'What I Saw' by John Meyrick: 'On the evening of the 14th of October 1887 about 5 o'clock, as I was coming from feeding the pigs, a dreadful bright star in the house. I stood and looked at it some time. Then I went toward it, but before I got close to it, it passed away to the East. My son, George and daughter Christina were in the room at the same time the star was shining. I asked them if they had seem a light in the room. They said no.' (This also included in life sketch sent me by Dee Sparks, another grt grnd dau.) 'John Meyrick lost his reason and was sent to the State Insane Asylum at Provo, Utah, October 1892 (age 72). A cancerous growth developed on his lower lip which finally caused his death, April 21, 1899. His body was brought to Mt. Pleasant for interment where he was laid to rest beside his children who had gone before, on the afternoon of April 24, 1899. 'The funeral services were held in the L.D.S. meeting house, the speakers being Elder Cliff, Bishop Lund, and Bishop Candland of Chester. 'He is where the wicked cease from troubling; and the weary are laid to rest. May he rest in peace.' ---Hattie Henry Merrick 'JOHN MEYRICK - A Young Convert of Courage - 1831 -- 1899' by Dee Sparks, (copy in possession of Ione Merrick Bush) She basically summarized his life by using his diary, but in third person: 'he. . .' Ione preferred to use his diary in his own words as in above with additional info by Hattie Merrick she got from him. But Dee added the story of the bright light he saw as Hattie Merrick also recorded. Dee's sketch included the following that she indicates was also in his journal that I don't have. I felt it is important to add to show his great faith and belief in the truthfulness of the Gospel: 'MORMONISM -- It contains More Truth, More Light, More Intelligence, More Wisdom, More Knowledge, More Unity, More Power, More Energy, More Courage, More Love, More Liberty, More Virtue, More Happiness, More Godliness, More revelation, More Scripture, More Common Sense than all the world because it comprehends all truth that ever was, is or ever will be.' Dee Sparks ends his story with this paragraph: 'John Meyrick died eventually from an injury received when a rock fell on him while he was digging a well. Next to the entry of his death in the Mt. Pleasant War Records is recorded (insane). It may also be that he spent his last years at the State Mental Hospital in Provo. He died April 22, 1899 and was buried in Mt. Pleasant, Utah.' WRITINGS FROM LEDGER BOOK OF JOHN MEYRICK OF MT. PLEASANT, UTAH: (Copied 28 Aug 2004 by Ione Merrick Bush from Xerox copies of John's ledger book that I received from JoEll Meyrick Swensen in July 1978) [I used same spelling & punctuation he used. Some I indicate with (sic). Some not.] 'Pg. 3 'Jennett (sic) Myrick, (sic) married April the First 1880 to W. S. Seely, son of W. S. Seely, sener (sic). Married by Bishop W. S. Seely at Mount Pleasant City Sanpet (sic) County, Utah. 'W. S. Seely Juner (sic) was born in . . .[can't read] night at 8 oclock (sic) January the 14st (sic) 1881. 'Blessed the same night by John Meyrick, W S Seely and Bishop Seely, Mountpleasent (sic) city Sanpet (sic) Co. Uath (sic). '[Handwriting change - written by someone else.] 'Jammia (sic) Seely born Nov. 18 1889 at Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah. 'Justin Lehi Seely born June 9 1884 at Mt. Pleasant Sanpete Co. Utah. 'John Thomas born Oct 13 1886 at Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah. 'Gabrila (sic) Seely born Dec 6 1888 at Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah. 'Ercell Seely born July 24 1893 at Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah. 'George Ernest Seely born July 21 1896 at Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co. Utah 'Jemie [or Jennie] Constance Seely Born Dec 2 19...[01 ?-- can't read] 'Elizbeth (sic) Constance Seely Born Dec 2 1901 [Twins?] 'Pg. 4 -- (John's writing) 'Deaths. John and Jemmia Meyrick children and father and mother and brother: 'Daughter Anna Meyrick died December 22, 1886 at Mt Pleasant Sanpet (sic) Co Utah 'Daughter Jimmia (sic) Meyrick died June 1, 1870 Mt Pleasant Sanpet (sic) Co Utah 'Son Cyrus Amon (sic) [should be Ammon] Meyrick died March 4, 1882 [or 1880?] 'Father James Meyrick died May 11, 1871 at Mt Pleasant Sanpet (sic) Co Utah. 'Mother Elizbeth (sic) Meyrick died January 10, 1883 at Mt Pleasant Sanpet (sic) Co Utah. 'Brother George Meyrick Died November 20, 1886 at Mt Pleasant Sanpet (sic) Co Utah. 'Daughter Eliza Meyrick died May 15 1887 'Son Brigham Meyrick died Sep 3, 1887 Blessed by John Meyrick and W S Seely Sep 3, 1887 [change of handwriting - rest of this page 'Christena Meyrick died Januery (sic) 1892 'Donel (sic) Meyrick Died 16 1892 febry (sic) 'Father John Merrick (sic) died April 22 1899 'Son Doneld (sic) Merrick (sic) died Febery (sic) 16, 1892 'Daughter Christena Merrick (sic) died Januery (sic) 22 1892 'Son John Thomas Meyrick (sic) died June 9 1909. [another change of handwriting - this page - maybe Jenette M Seeley] 'Pg. 17 'Deaths of W.S. Seeley Family 'Daughter Ercelle Seeley died December 12, 1893 at Mt Pleasant Utah. Daughter of W.S. and Jennette Seely. 'Father William S. Seeley died at Mt Pleasant Utah Oct 7, 1923 'Son Justice Lehi Seely died at Mt Pleasant Utah March 17, 1902 'Son George Ernest Seely died at Mt Pleasant Utah 'Daughter In Law Ada Lee Seeley died at Mt. Pleasant May [April written above May.] 30 1926 'Pg. 18 [John Meyrick's handwriting - this page] 'Married John Meyrick vs Jemmia Hutchisen 'When married October 28 in 186...[1, I believe.] 'By Bishop Erentington (sic) Amercanfork (sic) Utah County Utah. 'And sealed to gether according to the order of Celestial Law of Marriage for Time and Ertenety (sic) by W. W. Woodruff In November 24 in 1861 at Salt Lake City Salt County Utah. 'Brigham Young and others presant (sic). /s/ John Meyrick 'John Meyrick was Baptized on the 13 of September 1849 By Edward Jones, Ludlow Shropshire england (sic) 'Jammia (sic) Hutchison Meyrick was Baptized By Her Father David Hutchison when 8 years old. Scotland. [Change of handwriting at bottom of page] 'June (sic) 'Elizbeth (sic) Jane Meyrick was blessed by father. Daniel Page. Mt Pleasant Sanpet Co Utah 'Brigham Meyrick was blessed by his father ... W. W. Seely Junor (sic) Mount Pleasant Sanpet (sic) Co. Utah. [John's handwriting again - this page] 'Pg 19 'When Blessed and By Whom 'Mary Meyrick Blessed April 3. 1889 By Elders Christon (sic) Lun (sic), Mads (sic) Andersen, P. M Peel and Hans Polson, Mountpleasant Sanpet (sic) county Utah 'Cyrus Amon (sic) [should be Ammon] Meyrick blessed March 31 1879 by James M Worker [or Workes] and John Meyrick Mountpleasant Sanpet (sic) County. Utah. 'Eliza Meyrick blessed by James M. Worker [or Workes] January 20 1887 Mountpleasant Sanpet Co. Utah 'Hyrum Meyrick Blessed June 2, 1881 By Edward Clift Mountpleasant Sanpet Co. Utah. 'Jimmia (sic) Meyrick Blessed by Edward Clift and John Meyrick June 1, 1870 Mtpleasant Sanpet County Utah. 'Elizbeth (sic) Jane Meyrick Blessed August 2, 1877 Daniel Page MtPleasant Sanpet Co Utah 'Christena Meyrick Blessed By William Presnish (sic) and John Meyrick Moroni [?] Sanpet Co Utah 'Joseph Meyrick Blessed March 1, 1883 By Bishop Peter Madsen Mtpleasant Sanpet Co. Utah 'W.S. Seely Junior Blessed January 14, 1881 By Bishop W. S. Seely and John Meyrick Mt Pleasant Sanpet Co Utah 'Eliza Meyrick Blest (sic) by James M. Workes [?] and John Meyrick Januery (sic) 20, 1887 Mount Pleasant Sanpet Co Utah 'Pg 20 'When Blessed 'John Meyrick and W. S. Seely Blessed Brigham Meyrick September 3. 1887 Mount Pleasant. Arona (sic) Harday, Richard Jenkins [?] 'David Hutchison and John Meyrick Blessed Donel [should be Donald] Meyrick the 12 of July 1891 Mt. Pleasant Sanpet Co. Utah 'pg 21 'When Baptized and Whom 1 Jennett (sic) Meyrick Baptized June 3, 1873 by John Tidwell Senor (sic) Confirmed by William Ranrants (sic) Mt. Pleasant Sanpet Co Utah 2 Jemes (sic) Daived (sic) Meyrick Baptized July 2, 1876 By C C Reow (sic) Confirmed By Elder Peterson and Elder Jensen Mtpleasant Sanpet Co Utah 3 John Thomas Meyrick Baptized July 16 1877 By C C Reow (sic) Confirmed By Mads (sic) Anderson (sic) and Neils Jonhansen (sic) Mt pleasant Sanpete Co Utah 4 Anna Meyrick Baptized by C C Reow (sic) [July ? - hard to read] the 16 Confirmed Jacob Christen and Ebe Jensen 1877 Mount pleasant Sanpet Co Utah 5 George Fredrick Louis Meyrick Baptized September 19 By Christon (sic) Madsen [?? I Bush] Confirmed By William Ranruals (sic) Same Day 1880 Mt pleasant Sanpet Co Utah 6 Elizbeth (sic) Jane Meyrick Baptized July 7 1883 By Christian Lun (sic) Confirmed By Edward Clift Mtpleasant Sanpet Co Utah 7 Mary Meyrick Baptized July 6, 1884 by Christian Anderson Mtpleasant Sanpete Utah 8 Christena Meyrick Baptized April the 29, 1888 by Jacob ... [can't read] Confirmed by Thomas ... [can't read] Same day. Mt. Pleasant Sanpet Co Utah' 'pg 28 'John Meyrick was born on the 17 of May 1831 Talgath (sic) Brecktonshire (sic) Wales and was Baptized on the 13 of Sepember (sic) 1849 by Edward Jones, Ludlow Shropshire England. Ordained a deacon. 'Emergreated (sic) to America Febery (sic) 23st (sic) 1853 [hard to read]. Saled (sic) on bord (sic) the Internaett (sic) Laned (sic) New Orlines (sic) in May1853. 'Daived (sic) Brown Capten (sic) of the ship. Crossed the plains in C. H. We... [can't read. Should be Wheelock] Company. Arived (sic) in Salt Lake City October the 6st (sic) 1853 Moved to Plesant (sic) Grove. 1852 [ ? hard to read] My father and mother, brother George and Pemlow Wisham , Sushannah (sic) Wisham, James Wisham came in to the valley 1855 in Milton Anderson Company. Myself and brother George went to Sanpet (sic) to find a place to sell so we could get some land. Found a good place nowr called Mountpleasent (sic) City 1859. 'In 1860 we moved our parents from Pleasantgrove to Sanpet (sic). '1861 went back to the Missouri river a night gard (sic) in John Murdock Company. Gon (sic) 3 [??can't read] mounths only lost and missed 4 nights in the time. Saved a boy from being drowned in the Plat (sic) by the name of Christian. His mother said she give him to me becase (sic) I had saved is (sic) life. On this trip I got my wife but was not married untill (sic) we came home. Then we was married at her father and mother (sic) in Ameri [can]fork by Bishop Cretington (sic) October the 28 1861.' 'pg 32 'Family Record of Birth 'Eliza Meyrick born Wenday (sic) Ten minets (sic) past 12 oclock (sic) 'Eliza Meyrick born Januery (sic) 27, 1885 at Mt. Pleasant Sanpet Co Utah 'Joseph Meyrick Born Wenday (sic) night Ten minets (sic) 12 oclock (sic) Januery (sic) the 10, 1883 at Mt. Pleasant Sanpet co Utah 'Brigham Meyrick born September 2, 1887 at Mt. Pleasant, Sanpet Co. Utah.' Pg 35 'John and Jammia (sic) Merrick's (sic) Family. [Don't believe this is John's handwriting] 'John Merrick (sic) was born on the 17 of May 1831 Sunday afternoon 3 o'clock. Talgat (sic) Brechonshire (sic) Wales 'Jammia (sic) Hutchison was born October the 28th [I believe. Can't read] 1843 at Mountpleasant (sic) Fiefshire (sic) Scotland 1 Jennetta (sic) Merrick (sic) was born Aug. 4 on Monday morning at 1 o'clock 1862 at Mt. Plesant ... 2 James David Merrick (sic) was born Nov 10th Tuesday at half ... 2 o'clock 1864 at Mt. Pleasant Sanpete Co. Utah 3 John Thomas Merrick (sic) was born Sep 11th at 3 o'clock 1866 at Mt. Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah 4 Annie (sic) Merrick (sic) was born Sep 30th at sunrise 1868 at Mt Pleasant, Utah 5 Jammia (sic) Merrick (sic) born June 1st 1870 at Mount Pleasant Sanpet Co Utah 6 George Fredrick Louis Merrick (sic) was born Oct 31th (sic) Tuesday at 20 min to 6 o'clock in the evening 1871 at Mt Pleasant Utah. Married Hattie Henry June 8 1897 7 Elizbeth (sic) Jane Merrick (sic) was born Feb 14 Sunday 10 min. to one in the morning 1873 at Mount Pleasant Utah 8 Mary Merrick (sic) was born Dec 14th 1875 at Mt Pleasant Utah 9 Christena Merrick (sic) was born Aug 13 Monday morning at 5 o'clock 1877 at Mt. Pleasant Utah. 10 Cyrus Ammon Merrick (sic) born March ... [can't read. Should be 21st] Friday morning at 2 o'clock 1879 at Mt. Pleasant Utah. 11 Hyrum Merrick (sic) was born April 24 ... [can't read] day night 10 o'clock 1881 at Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah. 12 Joseph Merrick (sic) was born Jan 10 ... [can't read] day night 10 min past 12 o'clock 1883 at Mt Pleasant Utah 13 Eliza R. Merrick (sic) was born Jan 27 1885 at Mt. Pleasant Utah. 15 (sic) Donald Merrick (sic) was born May 11th Tuesday morning 25 min past 1 o'clock 1885 at Mt Pleasant Utah 14 (sic) Brigham Merrick (sic) was born Sep 2, 1887 at Mt Pleasant Utah.' [Don't believe this is John's handwriting, either] 'Pg 39 'Jammia (sic) Seely was married to W. E. Bemus Nov 13, 1897 at Moroni Utah Baby born Sept 27 1898 died same day.' 'Pg 41 [John's handwriting, I believe] 1) John Meyrick born the 17 of May 1831 Tuesday afternoon 3 o'clock at Talgat (sic) Brechonshire North Wales 2) Jamima Meyrick born the 28 of October 1843 at Mountpleasant Fiefshire (sic) Scotland' [Not John's handwriting] 'Pg 45 '... [can't read - probably Niels] Johansen was married to Mary Meyrick Apr 19 1899 at Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah Pres. C. N. Lund officiating. 'Niels Johansen Born Dec 22 1878 at Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah. 'Mary Meyrick Johansen born Dec 14 1875 at Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co. Utah 'Daughter Carmen Olena Johansen born Apr 6 1900 at Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah 'Daughter Ruby Indy Johansen born Nov 8 1901 at Mt Pleasant Utah Sanpete Co 'Daughter Crystal Beatrice Johansen born Apr 13 1904 at Mt Pleasant Utah Sanpete Co. 'Daughter Elinora Blanch Johansen born Oct 8 1905 at Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah 'Daughter Jamima Irene Johansen born June 4 1907 at Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah 'Daughter Rhoda Christena Johansen born Mar 28 1909 at Mt Pleasant Utah (Sanpete Co.) 'Daughter Mary June Johansen born June 5 1916 at Moroni Utah Sanpete Co.' [Not John's handwriting] 'Pg 47 'Deaths John and Jammia (sic) Meyrick's Childrean (sic) 'Daughter Anna Meyrick died December 22st (sic) 1886 at Mt. Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah 'Daughter Jammia (sic) Meyrick died June 1st 1870 at Mt. Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah 'Son Cyrus [hard to read] Amon (sic) [should be Cyrus Ammon] died March 4th 1880. At Mt. Pleasnt (sic) Sanpete Co Utah. 'Daughter ...[can't read - should be Eliza] Meyrick died January 10, [above Jan 10 is written May 15] 1887. at Mt. Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah 'Son Brigham Meyrick died September 3rd 1887 at Mt. Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah 'Daughter Christena Meyrick died January 22nd 1892 at Mt. Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah. 'Son Donald Meyrick died Febuary (sic) 16 1892. At Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah. 'Son John Thomas Meyrick died June 9 1909 [change of handwriting] 'Father John Meyrick died Apr 21st 1899 'Mother Jamima Hutchinsen Meyrick died Sept 21, 1922 Mt Pleasant Utah' [Not John's handwriting] 'Pg 53 'Hyrum Meyrick married Dora Matilda King Mar 3d 1908 at Manti Utah Dau. Crystal Madora Meyrick born Dec 31 1908 at Mt Pleasant Utah. Son Verl Hyrum Meyrick born Nov 18 1910 at Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah. Son John Frank Meyrick born Feb 26 1913 at Mt Pleasnt Utah. Son Ronald Dean Meyrick born Apr 24 1914 at Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co. Utah Daughter Neva Luciel Meyrick born at April 3 1918 Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah Son John Frank died at Mt. Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah Son Ronald Dean died at Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co Ut. Daughter Paula JoEll Meyrick born at Mt. Plesant. Sanpete Co. Utah June 22 1933 [change of handriting] 'Hyrum Meyrick died November 29, 1951 at Springville, Utah County, Utah. Buried at Mount Pleasant. Snpt. Ut.' 'pg 54 'Chrystal Madora Meyrick married James Shirley Poulson Jan 2 [hard to read] 1926 at Manti Court House 'James Shirley Poulson was born at Mt. Plesant, Utah 1903 [??] 'Dau Frances Shirline Poulson was born May 28, 1929 at Mt Pleasant Utah 'Son James Douglas Poulson was born June 14, 1936 at Springville, Utah.' 'Pg 55 'Joseph Meyrick married Zella Beatrice Allred Oct. 19 1910 at Manti, Sanpete Co., Utah 'Dau Marjorie Beatrice Meyrick born July 27 1911 at Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah. Jos. [hard to read] Vernon Meyrick born Feb [??] 21st 1915 at Mt. Pleasnt (sic) Sanpete County Utah. 'Dau. Beth Meyrick born Aug 23rd 1916 Farnum Idaho 'Dau. Loa May Meyrick born Dec 22nd 1917 at Farnum Idaho Zella Meyrick died Jan 23rd 1930 at Rexberg(sic) Idaho Joseph Meyrick died Dec 22nd 1956 at Burley Idaho.' 'Pg 57 'Elizbet (sic) Jane Meyrick married to Frank C. Christensen Sep 4 1901 at Manti Utah 'Dau. Jamima Christena Christensen born Apr 4 1903 at Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co Utah. 'Dau. Anna Lara Christensen born Oct 27, 1904 at Mt Pleasant Sanpete Co. Utah 'Father Frank C. Christensen born May 1, 1875 at Mt Pleasant Utah died Nov 5 at ... [Salt] Lake City Ut, 1935' [This pg very faint writing & very hard to read] 'Pg 61 'Religion '... [James ?] David Meyrick -- Presbyterian '... [?] Nov ...[?] 1864. [James David's birthdate, I think. I Bush] Mt. Pleasant, Utah '... [?] March [I think] ... 1941 -- Mt. Pleasant, Utah [His death date, I think. I Bush] '... [Annie] Jensen Meyrick -- Presbyterian [wife ? of J D] '... March 19, 1871 at Mt. Pleasant, Utah. [her birthdate?] '... May 7, 1948 at Mt. Pleasant, Utah [her death date?] 'daughter ... ... Meyrick Apr. 30 1894 [who?] 'daughter ... ... ... [who? ] Mar 21, 1897 'Dau. ...nnie Adele Meyrick Aug 27 1898 [who?] 'Dau. Lola Jean Meyrick July 14 1902 'son James David Meyrick Jr. June 17 1909 Died in Salt Lake City, Utah June 1956 'Marriages 'Drusella married Charles A. Poulson '...enita married ...ancis Michael ...a...eties Dec. 5, 1921 Presbyterian marriage service by Reverend Boand (sic) 'Jean Married ... W. Gibbs Presbyterian marriage service by Reverend Boand (sic) 'James Jr. married Bernadean Hardy.' ----End of John Meyrick's Ledger [Some parts were difficult to read from the Xerox copies I made. /s/Ione Merrick Bush]

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