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A Letter Returned ~~~ Unopened

Jacob Hafen Jr.  Died of Pneumonia in France While Serving in World War I

Mt. Pleasant Utah November 6, 1918
Dear Bro., I've written to you before but I never hear from you.  I hope and pray that you are good and  feeling well.  All at home are well as usual and of course some of us don't feel so good.  The Democrats feel fine today.  The State went straight Democratic.  Sanpete County went Democratic but one man.  New York went Democrat and most of the states. So you see we Democrats feel jubilant.

Virgil Burnstead is at Camp Logan Colorado; Clive is on his way to New York.  Jewels is at Camp Lewis.  How are you by this time?  Guess you are a real Yankee soldier and raise hell with the Hun. Shoot straight and hit them hard. According to the papers Huns will soon be whipped.  Hope they are and then we will be through with wars.  

How is your health and do you ever get any mail?  The folks all write to you and we are getting nervous about you as we haven't hear from you for 6 weeks, but I guess it isn't your fault.  I was up to see your wife and mother and they are O.K. but are anxiously waiting to hear from you.  Mother feels quite good.  Have you been in any battles?  Be brave and fight hard and trust in God.  He will preserve you  and I know He will.  I know that you will come back again.  What an honor it will be to come back a Triumphant Victor. We are all waiting for the day when this is all over and you all get back home again.
to the grandest and greatest nation of the world.  I often wish I was with you over there and doing my bit with you, but I am trying to do my bit at home.  Helping the Liberty Loans War Savings Stamps  and Red Cross as much as possible.  We can't all fight, some must be at home and do other things.  

The influenza is doing its fatal work.  Jim Ericksen's brother has two boys laying dead.  John Larsen Watch Maker has lost two boys, Eric and the one-eyed one. Mortin Rasmussen has lost grandchildren.  Arthur Jorgensen died also. We have 185 cases in town.  There is none in the Hafen Family.

You must write often and send you wife your card so she can send you a Xmas box.  We are going to send you a few dollars as a token for Santa Claus.
If the war ends, you must let us know when you are coming home and we will send you a few dollars so you can see different things and probably buy different things.

Don't forget this.

Boyd, Neil and Bert all say "Hello to Uncle Jake" and say "Tell him to give the Germans the Dickens. I have joined the National Guard. 

 We have about 100 members.

The crops have been good this season, with exceptions.  Weavel worked a hardship on that crop.

Well Bro.  be of good cheer and don't get down hearted.  All will be well. Trust in God and He will be with you and all at home.  Carrie is dropping you a few lines.  Brother don't fight .... those cursed Huns, but fight like a man - an American

Wishing you success and best love and God's choicest blessings on you to preserve and shield you is the wish of your loving brother, Wilford.  Write as soon as you can.

Hello, Uncle Jake.  How are you by this time?  I hope you are O.K.  We think of you every day, wondering where you are and what you are doing.  I do hope you keep well, as health is everything to you.  Don't think we have forgotten you.  We are all anxious to know how you have it.

We got Virgil's picture yesterday.  He likes camp life fine.  He says he was getting darn lazy.  We would like a picture of you in your uniform.

Well, I guess Wiff is telling you all the news so I will say good bye for this time. Hoping you plenty of health and God's Blessings.  I remain as ever,  Carrie

Write as soon as possible.

 Through the death of Jacob Hafen Jr. in France October 6, 1918, the honor of  Gold Star Mother was bestowed upon Lizetta, Jacob Jr's mother.

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