Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mormon Handcart Historic Site

I found this and thought it was a great story of Reddick Allred, what a great example of faith and perseverance!
At the Rescue Statues, this group from Lehi, Utah heard about more than just the rescuers who helped the Martin Handcart Company cross the Sweetwater.
Reddick Allred was in the first group of rescuers that set out to rescue the stranded handcart companies. Captain Grant left him and some others at South Pass with the supply wagons while express riders continued east. At different times, other men in the group grew discouraged and went back to Salt Lake. They tried to convince Reddick to join them, but he was determined to remain at his post. When Captain Grant returned to find Reddick still there, he saluted Reddick by saying, "Hurrah for the Bull Dog—good for a hang on."
How have you held onto your faith when others gave up? ‪#‎MormonHandcart‬

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