Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hamilton Posts ~ From the Lee R. Christensen Collection

North Sanpete Junior High 1936-37

FACULTY - 1936-37

Front Row L to R: Verl Johanson (Principal), unk, Merlin Christensen

Second Row L to R: Marsden Allred, unk, unk, Pauline Peterson, Reese Anderson, Max Blaine.

Hamilton Elementary 1941

HAMILTON GRADE SCHOOL BAND 1933-34: Marsden Allred, teacher

Front Row L to R: Gordon Brunger, Edwin Seeley, Unk, Unk, Croft Larsen, Perry Peel, Unk Frank Neilson, Unk, Unk.

Second Row L to R: Robert Fowles, Don Johansen, Kenneth Jones, Keith Anderson, Buddy Christensen, Phil Squires, Boyd Seely, Unk, Wayne Peterson, Marsden Allred.

Third Row L to R: Unk, Micky Nelson, Unk, Beth Lund, Unk, Unk, Unk, Rex Christensen, Shrol Erickson, Wayne Burnside.


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