Monday, March 27, 2017


Crowd at the Celebration

Theme:  The Sheep Industry 
Approximately 275 people attended this year's celebration.  Everyone enjoyed the festivities.  The weather was a little damp, but the atmosphere inside was warm and welcoming.  Fried chicken strips with rolls, jelly, potato salad, chips, oreos and ice cream were served.  Our president, Dale Peel had been pushing for fried mutton, but our beloved Diane Lund, who has prepared the lunch for many years, won the debate.  

Wanda Stewart
Wanda Stewart took the honors for being the oldest woman in attendance.  I arrived late and did not hear how old she is.  

Mac Wilkey (oldest man) with President Dale Peel

We were honored to have Mac sit at our table and as he stood when asked if there were anyone over 86, Mac said "Surely I am not the oldest man here".  Sure enough, he did get the prize.  We think there were other men older than Mac who wouldn't stand up.  Then when he sat down, he said "Boy am I gonna get teased by my kids."  Peter said, "Yes, now we can call you Methusalah".  

Kevin Anderson, Gary Arnoldsen and Larry Seely furnished the musical program with songs about Sanpete, Fairview Canyon, and Sheep Herding.  Some were written by themselves.  They did a wonderful job.  (I took a poor picture)

Judith Daniels Jackson has headed up the quilt committee for several years and tickets were sold for this quilt.  It turned out beautiful.  The winning ticket was someone from Fairview.

The photos on the quilt all had to do with the sheep industry.  Sheep, sheep dogs, and sheep camps. A real treasure.  

Dale took around the microphone and encouraged everyone who had special memories to share them.  There were several fun stories told.

Gloria Daniels read a poem written by one of her relatives.

Paul Sorensen told of his great grandfather Millar the Sheep Dog trainer from Scotland.  His story has been posted here a few weeks ago.

Minutes were read.

Then Dale had asked Deann Peterson Lubbers, Steve Monsen and Charlie McKay to each share some of their memories on stage.  
The festivities ran long and many were ready to go home. 

Both the south wall and west wall of the recreation hall were lined up with artifacts, albums, pictures and more for everyone to see.  

The Relic Home and Blackshop were open for visitors as well.  
There were a few sheep camps on display in the parking lot.

One to Remember for many years to come. 

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lee r christensen said...

KATHY: Oldest man just "85".? Some of the old sheepherders out on the west desert probably didn't get word of the luncheon - no telephone. lee

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