Saturday, May 9, 2009

1914 Newsclipping of Original Pioneers

Carol Jean Farley Corcoran and Linda Farley Bench turned in this newsclipping from 1914 to share here and at the Relic Home. Thanks to both of you.

The caption reads: RECOGNIZE THESE PEOPLE? They're five of the original Pioneers of 1859 and were among the sturdy folk who settled on the banks of the Pleasant Creek 89 years ago this month. Left to right, Peter Monsen, Christian Jensen, Andrew Madsen, Niels Johansen, James C. Jensen, and Mrs Lena Madsen. Picture was taken in 1914 by Mrs. Hilda M. Longsdorf. Enlargement was made by R.W. Weech, a well-remembered Mt. Pleasant druggist.

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