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Memories of Mt. Pleasant by Buddy - L. R. Christensen

Take note of some of Buddy's Memories of Mt. Pleasant. The Johansen boys who ran the Johansen Market, also State Street being a boardwalk, Mt. Pleasant having three shoe repair shops; one over the bridge toward NSH. Also his memory of Rutishauser and Merz Monuments. Great historical information here as well as information about his schoolmates.

1994....... taken from a letter to Beth Lund in his book "You Knew Me As Buddy"

Elma (Alma) Johansen, just a faint face on my canvas of life. I wonder what kind of life she's had. And some others - Iva Oldham, Fern Olson, Geraldine Staker, and Marcia Olsen all of our class. Geraldine, Fern and Marcia; very pretty young girls. I can't remember them after the freshman year......... Elma's father as the man with the cumbersome built-up shoe. Like Que Barton's. Was it a childhood injury? Was he a shoemaker? That is another good trade phased out by changing styles. Didn't we have at least three shoe repair shops in Mt. Pleasant? One just over the bridge toward North Sanpete High School.

And........remember when State Street was a Boardwalk? Had a harness maker at work there. I don't think he made saddles. Great smell of leather; and Rutishausers Monument Works - eventually to become Rutishauser and Merz when Emil R. merged with Hy Merz his brother-in-law.

The Johansen boys were Shirley, Wasatch class of 1936. Andy, class of 1939 and Dean class of 1941. I know both Dean and Shirley are gone. How about Andy?

Bry Jacobs must be making commercials for a security and loan company. I haven't seen him in over fifty years. He was a very handsome young man - talented........

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Perhaps we could get Buddy to share some more of his memories.

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