Monday, October 4, 2010

We the Boys of Sanpete County

Someone recently told me they had attended an Education Week Seminar where they learned about Bishop  Wm. S. Seely and the "boys of Sanpete Valley" and asked me if we knew the story. The lyrics of the following song were composed by members of Mormon companies who tried to cross a spring runoff-swollen Green River on 25 June 1868.  They were teamsters headed east to meet and assist immigrants traveling to Utah.  On that eventful day, they saw six of their number drown while trying to cross the raging river on a ferry. We posted the song a on My 20th, but didn't know the whole story. I later ran onto a site you may want to visit to learn of the  story. Here are the words from the Song:  "We The Boys of Sanpete County".

We the boys of Sanpete County
In Obedience to the Call
Started out with forty wagons
To bring the emigrants this fall
Without fear or thought of danger.
On our way we lightly sped
Every heart with joy abounding
Captain Seely at our head.
To accomplish the mission
We were Called to fill below.
Left our friends and wives and Children
On the dreary plains to go.
Over hills and lofty mountains
Through the mud and in the dust
Slowly Climbed the lofty mountain.
Far above the snows white Crust.
With the sun to set declining
glad to welcome closing day
By some stream or gushing fountain
To refresh all night we stay.
When we reached green river ferry
On its banks all night we stay
Next morning ferried our wagons over
Thinking soon to roll away
Next to drive our Cattle over.
But we found they would not swim
Though the boys were in the water
Many hours up to the Chin.
While the boat was passing Over
The water into it did pour.
The Captain cried boys we‘re going under
We shall sink this very hour
One had landed on an island
Clinging to the willow green
But with him life soon extinguished
Backwards fell into the stream.
Thus six boys from parents driven
And from friends whom they did love
But we yet again shall meet them
In that better world above.

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