Thursday, October 21, 2010

John Cliff and Cassie Rasmussen (Mystery)

This photo was found amongst Alice Hafen's photo collection.  I looked up both John Cliff and Cassie Rasmussen in New Family Search. Can't find them as a married couple.  However, they are both wearing wedding bands.  One possible solution to this mystery is that Cassie is possibly Anna Katherine Rasmussen and Cassie is a nickname.  Anna Katherine Rasmussen was the daughter of Christian Rasmussen and Hermina Rozena Hafen which could  be the reason it was amongst Alice's photos.  Alice's mother-in-law, Carrie Hafen was born in 1889 and Anna Katherine was born in 1891.  This photo may have come from Carrie's photo collection.  If you can, please help us fill in the blanks.  Thank You

Betty Gunderson Woodbury answers: Kathy, John Thomas Cliff is listed on New Family Search with his second wife Lilly Gustafria Johnson 1895-1974 Md 1926. Check Spouse record. You will find Anna Katherine (Cassie) Rasmussen 1891-1921 Md abt 1912 with one son. John had two brothers, Edward Parley and George William. George Cliff was a very good friend of my fathers and I knew him well. Hope this helps. Betty

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