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Female Relief Society August , 1876

Meeting Held August 11th.  Opened with singing "Guide Us O Thou Great Jehova".  Prayer by Brother Page.  Singing, "O Firming Foundation".  Sister Morrison introduced Brother Page to the sisters and was glad for the opportunity of having him in our midst to speak a word of import to us. 

Brother Page rose and spoke especially of faith, showed us how to obtain faith, to get all things we need in time.  He taught us to keep the commandments of the Lord and to teach our children to do the same by prayer.  He introduced us to some of the stories of his life; how he was traveling from settlement to setttlement to bless the sick and the afflicted, what a great comfort it was to him when he could do good; how the Lord blessed him through faith in the Lord.  All his remarks were very interesting and instructive.  He also encouraged the sisters for the good of our society, and promised to come agian whenever the spirit directed him to do so. 

Sister Morrison then said that she feels the great responsibility that rests upon her to lead this society and felt built up by the good instruction of Brother Page and invited him to come again.

Sister Peel, Sister Simpson and Sister Peterson bore faithful testimony to the truth of the Gospel and all went away rejoicing after singing and prayer.

MFMC Morrison, President
Louise Hasler, Secretary

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