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From Wilhelmina Morrison Ericksen Pioneer Record Book

Just in case the explanation on the last half of the page is unreadable, I have transcribed it below:
The first five of these children died in infancy of whooping cough and scarlet fever.  The two boys in Scotland, the three girls of Cholera in St. Louis,  Missouri, U.S.A.  Father had these children adopted (sealed) to them in the St. George Temple.  Also, those of the family that were not born under the covenant. So, that work is complete.  (signed) Wilhelmina H. Morrison Ericksen  (continued on page 6)

My father was a Mt. Pleasant Pioneer of 1859, whose name appears on the Pioneer Monument.  He was the 1st Ward Clerk of Mt. Pleasant, also had charge of distributing of the mail that came while living in the Fort that was built as a protection from the Indians.  They moved to their new home on the city lot in the spring of 1963, where his first wife remained until her death with her three remaining children, died Jan 10th, 1910.  He was called to go and help colonize Sevier Co.  (continued on page 7)

 Settling in Richfield, where he built homes for his 2nd and 3rd wives.  He was appointed 1st probate judge of Sevier Co., Utah by Brigham Young.  He remained for a time until driven back through Indian hostilities, when again they returned continuing their labors and improving in every way to build up a community while holding many positions of honor and trust until his death which occurred August 26th, 1889.
2nd wife:  Caroline Christena Iverson died (Richfield) Jan 1916.
3rd wife:  Annie Maria Hansen died (Richfield) 2nd Dec. 1904

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