Friday, June 15, 2012

GLEN HARDY ~ Mayor of the Month ~ June 2012

Glen Hardy was born May 20, 1914 in Moroni to Walter and Mae Hardy.  He married Maxine Johansen on February 14, 1939.  They had three sons and one daughter, with only one son growing to adulthood.

He went to school in the old red building for seven years.  From there he went to the Moroni High School from which he graduated.  He played basketball and the team went to the state tournament three years in a row.  He played basketball for the Norbest Turkey team also.  They had beautiful uniforms, blue and gold with a big turkey on the front.  They won a few games, lost a few.

He was second counselor to Bishop Winkler for about six years with Reeve Norman as first counselor.  Then he was called as bishop of the Second ward for about 10 years.

He served as mayor for four years.  During this time the sewer system was installed.  The engineers wanted to put the lagoons below town.  He said, "Nothing doing.  They should be put south, out in the rocks."  Dean Johansen was the contractor.

His wife, Maxine passed away in 1985

Glen died April 10, 2004

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