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Maple Henning Lundberg History Part 2 of 2

Mape was an avid hunter and fisherman and was often joined on his adventures by another Mt. Pleasant, Utah resident, John Madsen.
I.T. Perkins, Mape Lundberg, and John Madsen with their mule deer October 1919, in the Pahsimeroi Valley, Idaho (on the other side of the mountains from Mackay, Idaho).
 Mape Lundberg and John Madsen pose by the car with their their mule deer in October 1919 in the Pahsimeroi, Idaho.
Mape Lundberg October 1919

John Madsen and Mape on a steelhead fishing trip circa 1919.

John Madsen and Mape Lundberg
 John Madsen and Mape Lundberg.
A bird hunting trip with Mape Lundberg and John Madsen.L to R: Unknown, Unknown, I.T. Perkins, Mape Lundberg, John Madsen, Guy Garletz
Maple Lundberg, I.T. Perkins, and John Madsen.

Mape and his wife, Hazel (Anderson) Lundberg entertained in Mackay, Idaho in 1922.

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