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Female Relief Society ~ April 1877

Meeting held April 2, 1877

Opened with singing: We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet

Prayer by Sister Peel

Sister Morrison addressed the Sisters, felt glad to have given opportunity to hear a testimony of the glorious gospel which we have and had a good desire to press forward.  She brought the sisters of the covenants we have made in the waters of baptism and we should remember the calling as Mothers of Zion, and try to be worthy of this name, ad also the Lord has blessed us with a portion of his Priesthood.  We should always try to act to our calling, and purpose, the Lord placed us on this earth for.  It is but a short time we have the privilege to do the work.  Let us try and be faithful in all things.  Then she read a piece in the Women's Exponent which had a great effect on our sisters for the good.

Sister Peel rose and felt glad to bear a testimony, had always a good desire to do the best for everybody from her childhood, she said it was 24 years since she embraced this gospel and the Lord had blessed her in p.... and blessed her now with faith she needed, She felt to serve the Lord as long as He will spare her on this earth.

Sister Madsen also was glad to meet with the sisters and exhorted the sisters to union and faithfulness, said in that lays our strength. When we cling together, and be united in everything we do.  Let us bear with our trials and troubles and when we can do a good deed, let us be on hand and do it unitedly.  Then the Lord will bless us.

Sister Simpson bore her testimony and felt very much built up by that which had already been said and said that her feelings been moved of that good piece that was read of the Women's Exponent and every time she reads in this ....paper, it goes to the heart, and thought it will do so much good to everybody that takes an interest in reading this good instruction.

Many of the sisters bore their testimony as long as the time was ....  And Sister Morrison talked to the sisters in short of the principles of Polygamy to be aware of the necessity of this holy principal was revealed to us , and it was a duty every man and woman to go in to it and not for us women to be a stumbling block in our husband's way, as there is trials and troubles, it is through that, the surest way to eternal salvation.

Meeting was closed with singing:  Let us Pray, Gladly Pray and Benediction by Sister Madsen.

M C Morrison, Pres.

Louise Hasler, Sec.

It was also moved and seconded that Sister Hannah Peel be a member of the F. M Society and belong to the visiting committee.

Sister Hanna Madsen and Sister Christensen  appointed to help the visiting committee in the 3rd ward.

Sister .......and Sister Jensen were also appointed to help the visiting committee in the 1st ward.

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