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Mountainville History part 16 ~ Compiled by Melba Shelley Hill

                  She has always had a strong testimony of the gospel and has tried to live its teachings in her 
                  everyday life which has had a bearing on her children. 
                  She has been a good mother and homemaker.  She has learned that blessings came from          
                  obedience and when there is a job to do in the church that we should obey and there is
                  is always a way provided to do the work.  She has reaped many blessings.  She has always
                  been dependable.  Her word was always good

                  She has never been afraid of work and has worked hard all her life.

                  August 31, 1958 Fannie B. Shelley was appointed president with LaRue A. Burnside and Erma
                   C. Shelley as counselors..  Verla R. Coates as secretary.

                  She was born 1 December 1911 in Deseret, Utah to Joshua Rudd and Lillie May Hales
                   Bennett.  She married John William Shelley July 20, 1932 in the Manti Temple.  They are
                  the parents of nine children.

                  Fannie always enjoyed being out-of-doors.  She was a friend and teacher to her children,
                  Her life revolved around her family.  She would join in softball games with her children.
                  She would read bedtime stories, wash and iron levis and shirts for eight boys as well as
                  the rest of the laundry, bake the best cookies and bread.  She would find time to help pick
                  strawberries and raspberries with her family to sell during the summer.  When John was
                  away working, she had to help with milking the cows and any other chores that needed done.
                  She made beautiful quilts.  While waiting for John to go around his trap lines, she would wait in
                  the car crocheting beautiful doilies and tablecloths.

                  Fannie loves the temple and has been a worker in both the Provo and Manti Temples for several
                  years.  She has served in the Primary, Mutual, Sunday School and Relief Society.

                  January 3, 1865, Sister Leila Christensen became president with Verla R. Coates and Erma C.
                  Shelley as counselors.


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