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Grandchildren of Andrew Madsen (Circa 1925) ~ submitted and restored by David R. Gunderson

Grandchildren of Andrew Madsen (Circa 1925)

            Alice, Johannah, Willis, Leoan, Bruce, Louise, Evelyn
              Annie, Antone 

Kathy:   The Antone Madsen pictured with other grandchildren of Andrew Madsen is Hamilton Grade school class of 1934.  He died Richland, Washington 4/20/09.  He left Utah early in WW2 to work on the atomic bomb project at Hanford ,Wa.  Ironically, he and Newel Nelson ,both class of ’34, lived across the street from each other during their growing up years and they died in the same week, Anton in Washington and Newel in Idaho. lee

Granddaughters of Andrew Madsen (Circa 1925):
        Alice, Johannah, Annie, Evelyn, Leoan, Louise

Photos taken at the home of A. C. Madsen

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