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Thirty sixth Annual Celebration of the Mt. Pleasant Pioneer Historical Association

Hilda Madsen Longsdorf served for over 40 years as the Secretary
of the Mt. Pleasant Pioneer Historical Association. 
She finished writing "Mt. Pleasant History" in 1939
at the age of 62.
And she passed away at age 69.
The following minutes were taken by her of the 
Thirty sixth Annual Celebration of the
Mt. Pleasant Pioneer Historical Association just 
a year before she passed away.

Minutes of the thirty sixth annual celebration of the Mt. Pleasant Pioneer Historical Association held March 3, 1945; honoring the 87th anniversary of the founding of the City.

In honor of the occasion, Mayor John  Gunderson had proclaimed a holiday and the Main Street of the city was fittingly decorated with the National Colors.  The Hambleton (yes she said Hambleton) School Band ; as has been customary for a number of years with Marsden Allred as director rendered music in the open air at the South Ward LDS Chapel and created a holiday spirit as the vast crowd assembled for the program at 2:00 p.m..

At the entrance to the chapel the reception committee of ladies were in pioneer costume and made all welcome.

Pres. James Monsen presided at the meeting and made a speech of welcome.
The theme "Memories Thru The Years" was carried out through the program.

A men's quartet consisting of Ray Jorgensen, Harold Young, Mack Hafen and Grant Johansen rendered the song "Memories".

The invocation was given by Que Seely.

Mrs Hilda Madsen Longsorf, secretary of the Association read the minutes of the celebration a year ago, March 4, 1944.  Also, a synopsis of the minutes of 20 years ago, conducted a roll call and a tribute to members who have died in the past year.

A ladies quartet, Lizetta Beck, Lydia Hansen, Pauline Seely and Matilda Hafen sang a Swiss song.

The Address of the day was given by Pres. George Albert Smith of the Council of the Twelve.  We were highly honored to have Prres. Smith with us.  He complimented the Association for carrying on this type of activity and said it was a beautiful sight to see this large audience in this beautiful chapel, paying tribute to our founding fathers and mothers.  He recalled early visits to Mt. Pleasant as a salesman.

He narrated a number of pioneer stories.  In one he showed the traits of the Indian in remembering the acts of friendship and justice by white men.  Pres. Smith commended the Association to permanent form some of our history in the book "Mt. Pleasant", which he commended to all.

A violin solo was given by Paul Cornaby of the Wasatch Academy.

Mrs. Rhoda Drage led in singing a number of songs, Mrs Thomas Jensen furnishing accompaniment on an accordian. Mrs. Jensen also sang a solo with self accompaniment.

The benediction was given by Grant Johansen.

Following the benediction the congregation moved to the recreation hall where a delightful program of humorous skits and music prepared under the direction of Mrs. Louise F. Christensen.  Lawrence Ericksen acted as Master of Ceremonies with a black face.

Minstrel numbers:  Leland Shepherd, Lawrence Ericksen

Ladies Trio:  Mrs. Donna Jean Johansen, Miss Mary Hafen, Mrs. Iris Hafen

Barbershop Quartet:  Ray Jorgensen, Harold Young, Mack Hafen, Grant Johansen

Old time quadrille:  Mr. and Mrs. John Winkleman, Mr. and Mrs. Bertie A Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Draper, Mr. and Mrs. Hyrum Merz.

Cowboy Songs and Yodeling:  Vance Brothers of Milburn

Swiss Quartet:  Lizetta Beck, Lydia Hansen, Pauline Seely and Matilda Hafen

Patient Medicine Stunt:  Lawrence Ericksen, Leland Shepherd

Acrobatic stunts:  Reba Stewart and   ........Jensen of Fairview

Duet:  Lucille Nelson and Lola Drage.

Bessie With A Bustle:  Barbara Peel, Ben Staker and O.V. Anderson.

A reception for all pioneers and out of town visitors followed the program where refreshments were served.  Old acquaintances renewed and a general good time enjoyed by all.

A dance in the evening in the Armory  Hall concluded the day's activities.  The crowd attending was enormous.  And a good time was had by all.  Many old time costumes  were in evidence,  One crowd came dressed in Civil War Military uniforms and other old-time military uniforms that provoked very much amusement and some sympathy for the men who wore the big artificial beards so much in evidence.

Since our 1945 (should be 1944) celebration these members have answered the summons to explore the regions of the Great Beyond:

Pioneers of 1859:  Peter C. Meiling
                             Mrs. Ephraim Hansen
                             William H. C. Morrison
                              Mrs. Sarah J. Borg  (Mrs. Borg is one born the first year in Mt. Pleasant and was               privileged to unveil the Pioneer Monument at its dedication in 1909.

Those having reached the age of 80 or more:     Mrs Lydia T Winters
                                                                        Charles Mills
                                                                        Mrs. Annie Rolfsen (Rolphsen)

Remaining with us of those who were here in 1859 are now but three:
                                                                        Mrs. Ann Nelson (who recently celebrated her 90th birthday)
                                                                                     Mr. Brigham Porter (88 years of age)
                                                                                     Mr. Isiah Cox of St. George  (born in Mt. Pleasant in 1859)
                                                                                     Mr. Sylvester Barton (born in 1860)

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