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A Mother's Plea To Her Son To Not Follow Mormonism

William Morrison

The following is a copy of a letter written by Mary B. Morrison to her son, William Morrison.  William was  at the time in Independence, Missouri.  His mother had written from Aberdeen, Scotland. (Emmisions for some illegible writing)

My Dear Son William,

I received your letter some months ago and I was glad to hear that you and yours were still in the land of the living, but I must say according to my conscience and according to what the (letter) tells me......................... at you for as you say, that you are a saint of the most high God under the guidance of the Profit (sp) of the most high God, Brigham Young, how can you have the presumption to call him a saint of the most high God?  I call him a great impostor and am warrant to call him from the world of the living God.  When I read the newspapers of him having 100 and 30 wives and also some of your deacons, if they be called, eighty wives and to think that my son should be blind as to believe in such conclusions and that your wife and little ones are training up under the same.

Oh for the Lord's sake and for your sake turn your own souls, think upon your ways, and turn from those poor deluded Mormons.

I am troubled......... at with your learning and upbringing in your Father's house who was a humble follower of the meek and lowly Jesus, you were taught the Gospel in early life.  Oh, turn from the errors of these deluded ones.

I hear from a newspaper that Mormons were talking of going to the Sandwich Islands on account of Polygamy being so much cried down.  William, don't you go with them, turn from their wicked ways and live to love Jesus Christ who will receive you if you turn to him with all your heart.  You cannot be happy in your mind under such delusions.  Its a false peace if you have any at all.  I do feel your wife and little ones.  How can a wife be happy when her husband can take another when he thinks fit?

I am glad to hear that there are missionaries trying in amongst you, and there are in Independence, in the same colony, some who have left the Mormons and may the Lord bless their efforts for the conversion of souls.  I hope you will turn from them and turn a missionary of the Cross.  You might do much in exposing their errors.  Do give it thinking, what is worldly.  What shall a man profit though he gain a whole world and lose his own soul.

You appear to be poor as is to be expected and this you say, you are under great disadvantage for not being near markets, as you are.  Surely you are poor when you never send your Mother anything.  If the rest were like you I might starve  - for you.  But as your Dear Uncle said "What could we expect of a Mormon?".

I am sorry to write in such a way to you My dear Willie, but I hope it will do you good and be means of turning you from the Dumb Idols to the living God.  I sent your letter to George 2 months ago.  I hope he will be enabled to say something to you for your good also.   I also sent it to your sister who is in London (?).  Remember me to your wife and little ones.  O, how I feel for her and how are they so far from you?  You must move about often.  Do write me soon.  You would like my likeness but I am not able to get it at present.  The rest have all got one but..................little at I must have done.  I have lost a friend, your Uncle Robert Bruce of Heather died on 12th of March in his 70th year.  His death was sudden.  He went to his room as usual.  He spoke to the servant when he went up to light his lamp.  In half an hour after he was gone.  George asked him if he was asleep but no answer - he was no more.  We are all well here in hopes that this will find you and yours in the same way.

Your loving Mother,

Mary B. Morrison

William Morrison   joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in August 1848 with his wife, Margrette   [Margaret Farquhar Cruickshank] Morrison, whom he had married on December 22, 1843. He was baptized by Elder Thomas Bradshaw, at Woolwich. He presided over the Welling and Bromley branches of the church. He had the privilege of baptizing his brother, James, a member of the church. He had received a fine education, which enabled him to be of great service as a Latter-day Saint. He wrote some of the Millennial Star while in England.

On the 7th of March 1858, William married a second wife, Lucy Etherington with President Brigham Young officiating. This was a great trial for Maggie, but her faith was strong and she was willing to sacrifice her feelings for the righteousness sake.  

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On July 11th, 1859 he married Caroline Christina Iverson
Caroline Christina Iverson
 Caroline Christina Iverson Morrison

And his fourth wife, Anna Maria Hansen.
They were married September 21, 1861 in Mt. Pleasant

Anna Marie Hansen Morrison
Married  Sept. 21, 1861 in Mt. Pleasant

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