Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Snow Transportation and Removal. Kites and Winged Words ~ By Leland Stansfield

I shall now go back to when we children were made ready for the walk to school, but before we could do this, Herman Beck, with his snow plow would have to clear the way so we would have no trouble in walking that block.  (Leland lived just one block east of Hamilton School)  Sometimes our fellow playmates and neighbors would join us in the walk.

While I am about it, I might as well explain just what a snowplow is.  It is a wedge shaped wooden piece of wood, about four and one half feet wide at the rear end and it comes to a point of about five feet in length.  An iron ring is attached  to the front from which a horse can pull this odd looking contraption.  The weight of a man riding this plow is required to make a good trail.  The walkways are cleared in this manner all over the town in order to make it possible for people to get around and not have to wade through deep snow to get anywhere.

I know I have strayed somewhat from the subject of transportation and I intend to get back to it, but I just had to mention and tell about a few other thing that I thought were worth talking about.  I do hope some of the things I have written about will be interesting to the reader.

When school was out for the day, it was time for Mr. Barton to hitch up his horses again and transport the children.  H had brought them to school now he would see to it that they would be safely returned to their various homes.

The next day it began snowing heavily, and for two days more before it let up.  Mr. Barton was assured that he could use that bob sled throughout the rest of the winter and that he would not have to be going back to the use of wagon transportation.  The kids dearly loved to ride in the sleigh.

After finishing this article, I thought it would be nice to add a little something to it.  This is a short poem that I knew a long time ago, and it seemed appropriate to write it down at this time.

Boys flying kites haul in their winged birds

You can't do that way when you're flying words

Words unexpressed may sometimes fall back dead, but

God, Himself can't kill them once they're said.

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