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Saga of the Sanpitch 1974

Source: Verlyn Oldham, Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

Mrs. Dorothy J. Buchanan
Richfield, Utah
Professional Division
First Place Anecdote

 Since we were children, most of us have heard about the cow that jumped over the moon, but this
cow I have in mind jumped under the moon…or that is, she fell into a cellar, back in those pioneer day, 115 years ago. My great grandfather, Jens Larsen, came to Mt. Pleasant in 1859 and soon began to build his first house..of necessity a slow process. He planned a two room, block adobe house with a dirt roof and cellar. At first, only the north room was built, which the family occupied. Then the cellar was excavated and Jens planned to build the south room on top of that.
Things went along smoothly until one spring day the valuable family cow strayed too close to the cellar and fell into it, but fortunately was uninjured.

Quite a hubbub ensured when friends and neighbors hurried to the spot to offer Jens advice as to ways
and means he should employ to get the cow safely out of the cellar. The cow was heavy and the cellar was deep. How could they every manage it? They possessed no tools or mechanical devices to help them. But as pioneers were noted for their ingenuity and skill in many things, there was always a way! The men simply threw piles of hat and straw into the cellar until it was high enough for Bossy to walk calmly out. She was the only one who had not been excited!

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