Friday, December 20, 2013

Benind Time ~ an 1890 Essay by Neil Madsen ~ from the Johanna Madsen Hafen Collection

Time is one of the most important things. It is with time that man does his work.  If we begin to think that we haven't time to do a certain thing and put it off til another time, then it brings us to neglect till we haven't time to do anything. But if we take time and do it quick as possible then we begin to always have time for our work (and) are always up to time at our the appointed hour.

One of the most important lessons to be learned in life is the art of economizing time.  There is an instinct that tells us that the man who does much is most likely to do more, and to do i in the best manner.  It is much easier for one who is always exerting himself to exert himself a little more than for him who does nothing to raise himself to action.  Give a busy man ten minutes to write a letter andhe will dash it off at once.  Give an idle man a day, and he will postpone it til tomorrow or next week.

A little done this hour and a little done the next hour, day by day and year by year brings much to pass.
Even the largest houses are built by laying one stone upon another  It is said that the mine sweepings of the floor of the gold workroom are melted and coined.  Learn from this the nobler economy of time; glean up its golden dust; economize with the utmost car those days and bits of hours.

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