Tuesday, February 4, 2014

J. Axtel Bjelke

It is exciting for us when someone comes to the Relic Home to do family research with the goal in mind to do a Family History Book.  They are always happy to find material at the Relic Home in the form of artifacts, pictures, obituaries and biographies.  After they have put together a wonderful family history and published it for their family, they always give us a copy in appreciation for what they learned there at the Relic Home.  The following was one of the first instances.  James W. Pyper did a family history that included that of his grandfather J. Axtel Bjelke and Mina Simpson Bjelke. Many of  us remember the Bjelkes.  This history is especially of interest to me (Kathy Hafen) because Axtel's brother Oscar was my maternal grandmother's third husband.  My mother had herself sealed to this line although Oscar was not her real father.  She lovingly called him "Uncle Oscar".

There will be several segments to the Bjelke Postings. 

to be continued.......

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