Friday, July 4, 2014

June 27, 1913 ~ Plans for Big July Fourth Celebration

Mt. Pleasant had a "Goddess of Liberty" for many years. The Goddess of Liberty was an honored woman who represented the Statue of Liberty and reigned during their Fourth of July Parades. The picture above is Hilda Madsen (Longsdorf) who is the author of the Mt. Pleasant History.
Even though they are not seen on a float, these girls represented the original thirteen colonies and also reigned during the Fourth of July Celebrations.

July 4, 1894

If you double click this photo to enlarge it, you will see that it was taken on Main Street in front of the Wasatch Block (buildings named Wasatch Block). Also, you can see the letters "ST OFF". Was the Post Office on the north side of Main Street at one time? And also, even though the float represents "olden times" look at the onlookers, their style of dress. Fancy but not too modern.

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