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Wasatch Academy Football Wins 9 Games over North Sanpete's 1 ~ 1924-1933 ~ Submitted by Lee R. Christensen


Lee R. Christensen's  Photos and Stories From Mt. Pleasant

In the ten years 1924 thru 1933 the North Sanpete  Rams beat the Wasatch Tigers just once – 1929.  That year a  team quarterbacked by Eugene (Ganny) Peterson and starring Neil Hafen, end and Vernon Christensen, fullback,  out scored Wasatch  for the first time in coach Brunger’s tenure.  They were not to do  it again for another five years. 

 The Wasatch team was quarterbacked by Johnny Becker though not from Mt Pleasant he did marry a Mt Pleasanter. The Wasatch line was anchored by two local boys, Dee Keusseff and Dick Candland and I would guess sitting on the bench, Glen Williams and Fremont Draper.     
   Both quarterbacks returned to their  high schools as teachers, Ganny to coach and Johnny to teach social studies;   where he made freshmen girls giggle with his risqué stories. 

The football game between the Wasatch Tigers and the North Sanpete Rams, played in early November, was among the five top events of the year in the  Mt Pleasant ‘30s, ranking just behind the Junior Prom and just ahead of the opening of deer hunting.  The climatic event preceding the game was a torch light parade that started on the North Sanpete campus. There nearly 200 students would  each pick up a flaming torch and in unison all march down Main street and on   to the corner of 1st West and 2nd South where they would throw their torch onto a flaming bon fire mid street. . Wasatch students would be circled around their fire.   For the next 30 – 40 minutes students from both schools sang, shouted, rang bells, tooted horns and banged drums hoping to make enough noise to carry thru to  next day’s game.      All the games were memorable but the game played 11 November 1938 unforgettable.  There was not even a threat of snow during the torch light festivities but during the night 10 inches of snow fell.   The game was to be played at North Sanpete so they called on the hiway graders to scrape the field.  Coach Brunger sensing Wasatch players had to stay warm bought long johns for the team... .... .... .... (Cleaned out J C Penny’s)

.      Wasatch scored first just before the half with a play that brought smiles to the rooters of both teams.    Wasatch had driven from mid field to the 3 yard line.  From there Dewey Fills, a running back, was given the ball to charge into and thru the line for the score.  Five yards into the end zone he was met head on and tackled by his younger brother, Elmer, North Sanpete’s safety.  The referee whistled loud and long and charged Elmer with a penalty only to be told by Dewey “don’t penalize him Ref, I’ll take care of the kid tonight at home’”.  Final score: Wasatch Academy 19 -   North Sanpete  0,    Fillis Family  tied. 

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