Sunday, February 15, 2015

Early Baseball In Mt. Pleasant

Baseball was introduced to Mt. Pleasant in 1875 when two teams were organized.  During the 1880's they were called the Cracker Jack teams.  The Red Stockings and the Resolutes vied with each other regularly in the public square.  In March 1890, the City purchased 20 acres of land on the south end of State Street for a city park.  A small grandstand was built, complete with chicken wire netting across the front of it.

The later games of baseball were even more popular when teams from nearby towns played local winners.  John K. Madsen and his family enjoyed the holiday entertainment in the early 1900's when games shared honors with pony racing.  When a circus came to town it was often quartered at the City Park.  (Nickles From a Sheep's Back p 71 by Pearle Madsen Olsen)

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