Thursday, September 10, 2015

We're Back Home!!!

After spending 2 long months in Utah County, we finally got back home on Saturday. And after 3 surgeries and a month of physical therapy rehab, Peter is up and walking again.  Hooray ! It will take us awhile to get back to our usual routine.

I would just like to share a few photos with everyone that were taken at Aspen Ridge of Utah Valley where Peter has been receiving some very good physical therapy.
This is the front visiting area.

The menu would show up on this screen everyday. Ignore the finger prints.

Peter's brother Donald and our youngest son, Jon gave regular encouragement.

Our grandchildren in the Physical Therapy area.

Judith and Trudy came up to give us moral support and report what was going on at the Relic Home. 
Those who brought us home.

The children loved checking out the fish tank.

Dining Room

Dining Room area
Our entire family rallied around us during this very difficult and unexpected ordeal. We thank them,
 as well as friends and neighbors and ward members. We felt the many prayers offered on our behalf.
The community of Mt. Pleasant is filled with kind and loving people who have shown us great
support. We love and appreciate you all, as well as those who live outside the area and have ties to
 Mt. Pleasant.

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