Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I remember about 30 years ago, seeing deer in town was a rarity.  Our son, Michael came home from delivering papers excited because he had seen a deer on Main Street about where Farmer's Floral is located now.  Over those years, the deer have reintroduced themselves to the valley.  And now, almost every night they can be seen in our back yard.

But a first happened this week as I looked out the deck door and saw two deer, a doe and a fawn standing on our deck.  They were rooting through the plants that had frozen and also licking up the salt pellets that I had spread on the deck to keep the ice away.

With all the snow, these deer are getting pretty desperate for food.  I remember cussing them as they would pull up my tulip bulbs in the early spring.  I now understand that they do what they have to do to keep from starving.  I complain no more.

My husband says they will be back to the deck.

In addition to the deer in the valley, my daughter in law has seen two elk this past week between Moroni and Mt. Pleasant.
From the Division of Wildlife Resources:
While the DWR welcomes all the help it can get, supplemental deer feeding is usually not a good idea. Although it sounds like an act of kindness and may even help some animals get through the cold months, it can create major problems. Each link below provides additional information.

Is supplemental winter feeding ever warranted?

Yes, there are sometimes specific emergency situations when supplemental feeding is beneficial. For example, deer herds in critical wintering areas that are caught in unusually deep and long-lasting snow might benefit from winter feeding. — Read more

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