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Andrew Madsen
The following is taken from Andrew Madsen's Personal History

At the 1909 Dedication of Mt. Pleasant's Pioneer Monument this poem was read by Moroni Pratt, who was a Mt. Pleasant pioneer boy.


Now unveil the shaft of honor
Monument to Pioneers
those who bravely fought life's battles
long ago. e'en fifty years

Let each name appear resplendent; 
As 'tis chiseled full and deep,
Names of these who built Mt. Pleasant
Many now who peaceful sleep.

Sons and daughters now beholding,
What your willing hands have wrought, 
Let now the toil and hardship 
That with Pioneer Life was frought.

Days of toil and nights of danger,
Danger from a savage foe,
Danger from a myriad of crickets
Bringing hunger, want and woe.

Danger from the frost and winter 
Late in Spring and early Fall
Scarce could they secure a harvest 
But their God was over all. 

And in time those troubles vanished
Smiling Spring and welcome rain,
Kissed the land and made it fruitful
Bringing forth the golden grain.

As we gazed upon the Pageant
Counter marching through the town,
In today's grand Celebration
Of its fifty years renown.

Oh, we noted well the changes
In the picture then and now,
Then bright youth and early manhood,
Silver grays and bent forms now.

But those grand old gray haired veterans,
few are left to form in line,
We'r today the guests of honor of 
Pioneers "59".

Hail, ye noble Fathers, Brothers,
Who began a City here,
Hail, all Hail, Ye Wives and Mothers,
Hail Ye Faithful Pioneers.

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