Thursday, May 12, 2016

Home of William Gilbert Barton and wife Mary Gledhill ~ Researched and Compiled by Tudy Barentsen Standlee

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lee r christensen said...

Seeing some of the homes researched by Tudy is like a trip home The William Barton home chimmed many bells. I never knew it as anything but the Montgomery home. It was on the corner lot just south of Joe Lunds. I kept my cow in the Lund correl and to milk her I scrambled over the fence at the western end of the Montgomery lot, crossed the yard, and climbed the fence to the Lund correl where my black, mixed breed dairy cow was waiting. Then with full pail back over the two fences , across the street and home. This was my twice a day activity from eighth grade until I left Mt Pleasant with the National Guard 9 months after high school. I should have been giving the Montgomery's milk for this short cut across their yard.

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