Monday, July 18, 2016

"Bottoms School"

There are many references in the Mt. Pleasant History by Hilda Madsen Longsdorf of another community between Mt. Pleasant and Moroni called "the Bottoms", sometimes called "Meadow".Many years later the school was taken off its foundation and drug west to use as a chicken coop, or so as we have been told.

On Mt. Pleasant Pioneer Day in March, my brother-in-law, Donald Hafen said he could lead us to the area where the old "Bottoms  School" had sat.  Supposedly when Peter, Donald and their dad would go hunting pheasants 50 to 75 years ago, Neil, their dad, showed them the old foundation where the school had sat. 

Peter and I had looked for it 18 months ago, and never could find the place.  We were relying on Donald to show us just exactly where it stood.  But just like 18 months ago, the illusive foundation was not to be found.  

However, you may enjoy the following pictures that were taken just last month in search of the old "Bottoms School House".

The lowly thistle

We know many young men who have been put through college by working this river bottoms area during their summers, trying to eradicate this "lowly thistle"

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