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Sophia Maria Olson ~ Wife of John Olson ~ Born Dec. 25, 1819 ~ Died April 25, 1882

While wandering around the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery on Memorial Day I looked for the oldest tombstones there.  Sophia Maria died in 1882.  Let's research her a little more:

Sophia Maria Skrevelius

All the information following comes from Ancestry.com 

Born in Haljarum, Jamsjo, Blkng, Sweden on 25 Dec 1819. Sophia Maria married John Olson and had 6 children. Sophia Maria married Ola Peterson and had 3 children. Sophia Maria married Olof Pettersson. She passed away on 25 Apr 1882 in Mt Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah, USA.

Her Husbands:

John Olson


Born in Jamjo Torhamn Hallarum Blekinge, Sweden on 27 Oct 1818 to Olaf Mansson and Karin Pehrsdotter. John married Sophia Maria Skrevelius and had 6 children. John married Ane Rasmussenand had 3 children. He passed away on 17 Nov 1902 in Mount Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah, USA.

John Olsson and Sophia Maria Schrewelius originally came from Blekinge the small Swedish County East of Skåne. Both of them were born in the parish of Jämjö, north of Karlskrona. They left Sweden for Bornholm in 1848 and stayed there as farmers until 1866, when the family; parents and five children, followed the Mormons across the Atlantic Ocean and the American continent to Utah. Hanna Maria was at that moment seven years old.

Ola Peterson

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Born in Jamsjo, Jamsjo, Blkng, Sweden on 20 Jul 1808 to Petter Frostersson and Karin Pehrsson. Ola married Engeborg Christensen. Ola married Sophia Maria Skrevelius and had 3 children. He passed away on 1846.

 The Schrewelius family originally came from a village close to Malmö, Östra (East) Skrevlinge, and the first known in the family was Knut Jönsson (1656-1723). He was a farmer. His son Jöns (1699-1757) adopted the name Schrewelius from his home-village, which was common for people who left the farmland for a scolary occupation. Jöns became a perish clerk in Perstorp and Oderljunga in the north of Skåne. Jöns' son Jeppe (1738-1811) inherited his father's mission as a parish clerk, and he got several children. Some of them stayed in Perstorp and worked for the glass factory, others were spread all over Skåne and Blekinge.

 Already in 1852 Sophia Maria was baptised as a Mormon, one of the first Scandinavians. Some time later also her husband converted. The Mormon missionary was very intensive and successful on Bornholm, and the Mormon Church had its high quarter in Copenhagen. In 1866 Truls sold his farm and staked the capital on the journey to Utah with his big family, wife and seven children; Ingri Catarina, William, Andreas, Hanna Maria and James. He also finansed the emigration of sixteen brothers and sisters in faith.


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