Saturday, August 6, 2016

Lions Club Recreation Activity ~ Summer 1929

Recreational activity sponsored by the Lions Club summer 1929. Instructors, not pictured, were Vernal Christensen and Dee Keusseff

Picture taken by Arthur Childs on steps of Johns Gym, Wasatch Academy
First row lf to rt: Rex Matson, Buddy Christensen, Robert Christensen, Gordon Brunger, unk, Ray Freston, Phil Squires, Dale Christensen, Leon Holman, Dewey Fillis, Allen Olsen, Shirly Madsen
2nd row lf to rt: Jake Johnson, Bob Rasmussen, unk, R W Christensen, Ferd Nelson, Bry Christensen, unk, unk
3rd row lf to rt: unk, Doyle Draper, Don Anderson, Bry Jacobs (white shirt), Fred Rasmussen, Rex Syndergarrd, Arron Jones, Emil Lund, Joe Matson
4th row lf to rt: Jean Brunger, Ruth Christensen (blurred), Leone Larsen, Beth Lund, unk, Leslie Candland, unk, Beth Hansen, unk, unk
Top row lf to rt: Dr Holman, unk, unk, unk Camille Holman, Miriam Candland, unk, unk, Coach Brunger holding Tommie Brunger, LR Christensen, Joseph Matson,
(Sent to us by Lee R. Christensen)

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