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Autobiography and Journals of Christian Nielsen Lund Sr. 1846-1921

In this section C.N. Lund talks about being called as the tithing clerk, His wife gives birth to a son, Parley, who died.  He also lost his first wife as a result of her sixth childbirth.     He wrote to a friend, Brother Brown, who was serving a mission in Denmark.  He asked brother Brown to find a good woman to come to America and marry him with his five small children.  She came to America in the company of Hans Poulsen.  She proved to be a good woman and C.N. later married her. He was very grateful for her.  

He then was elected Mayor of Mt. Pleasant in 1884.
He loses another child.  His wife loses her mother.
In 1886-87 laws against Polygamy went into effect.

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