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Female Relief Society November 1, 1875

Meeting held November 1, 1875:  Meeting opened with singing and prayer - "Arise, Oh Glorious Zion". Prayer by Sister Peel.  Singing:  "The Happy Day Has Rolled On".  The minutes of a former meeting were read and accepted and the reports read.  Sister Morrison addressed the sisters.  Said it would strengthen her very much if the sisters would come forward and take an itnerest in the work and uses some energy.  She exhorted them to remember their secret prayers, that God might hear them from the evils that otherwise would come upon them in spite of themselves.  The teachers gave their reports.  The people felt well generally, and were willing to help the Society in their work although they did not have much to give.
Sister Morrison thought it was the United Order which caused so much feelings among the people, but the United Order was of God and not of man and we would have to come to it.  Considered it was just as necessary to go into the United Order as it was to go into the waters of baptism.  I spoke in behalf of Sister Porter who is in need of help and hoped that the sisters would exert their influence that she might be made comfortable.

Sister Peel bore her testimony and gave some good instruction.  Several of the sisters bore their testimonies.  Meeting closed with singing " see all Creation You to Praise the Eternal God" and prayer by Sister Morrison.


Anonymous said...

Do you know the full name of the Sister Peel? I have loved looking through this blog. THanks for your work.

Amelia Peel

Mt. Pleasant Pioneer (Kathy) said...

This is Christianne Folkman Peel, wife of Peter M. Peel.

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