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Female Relief Society November 14, 1875

Meeting held Novembe 14, 1875 -  Meeting opened with singing "Oh My Father Thou That Dwellest"..  Prayer by Sister Peel.  Singing "Come, Let Us Anew, our Journey Pursue".  Reports were read.  Sister Morrison then addressed the sisters.  said she felt pleased with the reports and could see the people were willing to assist all they could.. was glad to mingle her testimony with those of her sisters.  The following memorial to Congress was read:  Memorial of the Women of Utah to the Congress of the United States....To the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress Assembled.
"We the undersigned with feelings of mortification and profound regret for the causes compelling us to approach your honorable body, do humbly ask of you that relief and justice which we cannot obtain from any other source.  We as a people are willing to submit and do strictly obey the constitution and laws of the United States as handed down to us by the fathers of our country.  We do most earnestly pray that Utah be admitted as a state with all the privileges and liberties guaranteed to every state by our glorious Constitution and we most earnestly pray and urgently request that your Honorable Body will repeal
the anti-polygamy law of 1862, also the bill known as the Poland Bill, both being special and unconstitutional measures directed against the people of Utah.  We ask to be relieved from the unjust and law breaking officials forced upon us by the government and that we may have the jurisdiction of our own courts and the selection of our own officers that any and all laws will be repealed that will restrict us in our Religious Faith as the Constitution emphatically says that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of Religion or prohibiting the free excercise thereof", also that no religious test shall ever be required for qualification to any office of public trust under the U. S.   And in accordance with the sacred constitution which has been bequeathed to us as a protecting boon by our forefathers, guaranteeing the free excercise of religion over your memorials do humbly pray that no bill, act, or clause shall have the sanction of your honorable body that shall in any way restrict or interfere with the belief in and practice of plural marriage as it is practiced by many of the citizens of Utah and which most of your petitioners have adopted as a portion of their religious faith in all sincerity - believing that it is necessary not only in remedying evils and producing good results in our present existance, but that without it man cannot attain to a fullness of exaltation.  We do humbly pray that each married woman of Utah may be granted the right and privilege to homestead or pre-empt one hundred and sixty acres of land in her own name, also that we be permitted the right to use for our comfort and benefit  the timber now growing on government land in Utah which has been forbidden by the government officials to the great detriment of the people of this territory, thereby depriving us of necessary material for building habitations and otherwise improving our homes.  With no other apology than our necessities we will still continue to watch, work and pray for the prosperity of our country and trust that God in his mercy may so direct your Honorable Body that your memorialists may promptly receive the relief they seek at your hands. 

Sister Morrison said she hoped it would bring the relief for which it had been sent.  Said she did not think it wisdom to prolong the meeting, as it was very cold.  A part of the stovepipe having been taken away for repair so that no fire could be built. 

Sisters Simpson, Peterson and several other sisters bore their testimonies.  Sister Olive Nelson and Augusta Nelson were appointed teachers of the visiting committee.  Meeting closed with singing "Redeemer of Israel, Our Only Delight"  Prayer by Sister Simpson. 
MF. Morrison, President
Hilda Dehlin, Secty

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