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Hamilton Poets ~ Betty Gunderson Woodbury and David R. Gunderson Collection

This is a re post with added insight from Lee R. Christensen added below in blue

 Comment from Lee R. Christensen Re: Poetry of Students, David Gunderson’s Collection: As usual, I may be stretching it, but: PM Nielsen shown as District Supervisor had a daughter, Margaret, who returned to North Sanpete High School about 1937 to teach English and girl’s PE.. PM, about then, living in Salt Lake City and a widower married Etta Rolph Peterson, a widow and originally from Mt Pleasant featured on theses pages as a young girl. Margaret I think was the producer, director and chorographer of the NS High dance revues. One number featured Joe Matson and a partner and could have made Broadway. Another one starring Lynn Paulson and buddies was unintentionally pure burlesque. Lee

Kathy: In an earlier comment I mentioned Margaret Nielsen who joined the North Sanpete High School staff for the school year 36-37. That was a sparkling year for new faculty at the school, most of it home grown. Eugene (Granny) Peterson, quarterback on the team in 1928, returned as coach. Grant Johansen returned as history/civic teacher and later was elected mayor. Harry Sundwall, from Fairview, was the typing/ short hand teacher and later a nationally recognized professor at Arizona State Univ. Margaret moved on to become the third or forth highest ranking WAC in WW2. lee

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