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Female Relief Society July 11, 1876

Meeting held the 11th of July 1876.  Opened with the singing of "All praise to .......... .... Lord.  Prayer by Sister Peel.  Sing " O Jesus the Giver".  Sister Morrison addressed the sisters.  - She felt well and although the meeting with few attended, she hoped that the good spirit will be with us that we would have a good meeting .  Her remarks were reflective take of the last century and particularly of the great spirits that made themselves now ....... to the nation....showed all great things were completed in the past.  She reflected of the great spirits and the great work that in that past century came forward......the reason of thankfulness for us as a peopleand the corruption of the nation that ...... prophets, hoped that in this century this great work will come to its perfection and our children will praise the glorious work, even ......
She  made some remarks about the 4th of July happy the day past and ... pleasure we have to see our raising generations turn out so nice  and how they enjuoyed themselves in a good manner.  Then she spoke a good deal about the silk worm and prosperity and hoped that we would bring to a success .  After that she read some pieces from the "Women's Exponent" showing how good it would be to receive this paper and just ...... Sister to ....... to take the paper .....introducing in their families and to their children.  All her remarks were in earnest and expressive language.  Sister Madsen, Sister Peel, Sister Simpson and some of the other sisters spoke and bore their faithful testimoy to the gospels and to..... A good spririt prevailed.
MFC Morrison, President
Louise Hasler, Secretary

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