Friday, June 10, 2011

Comment From Lee R. Christensen

Kathy:  Back to Showman Longsdorf’s auto bio:  I was very   much interested in his account of North Sanpete High School’s football field. The removal of a hill just east of the school building in 1924   to make the field was new to me.  Games prior to that must have been played at the ball park south of town.  I’m guessing North Sanpete played football because I’ve seen a photo of Wasatch’s football team, 1924 and I cannot imagine one without the other.  My first game experience was’ 28 or’ 29 when Neil Hafen was starring as a wide receiver called, in his day,   an end.   It was a dirt field as was Wasatch’s but North Sanpete’s had the distinction of having more tumble weed stickers per handful of dirt than any playing field in the conference. Some teams called it North Sanpete’s Porcupine field. 
   In 1935 or ‘36 both North Sanpete and Wasatch Academy turfed their playing fields.  They also lengthened the arena area by closing the streets just south of the fields.  For the North Sanpete players it changed their war stories from tumble weed stickers to dandelion stains.  A big difference!  From tears to laughter!!      

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