Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Elmo Merlin Anderson and his Sister Katie Berdella Anderson ~ Shared by Guy Pearce

Just wanted to share the attached photo.  This photo is of my maternal grandfather, Elmo Merlin Anderson (1910-1995) and his sister, Katie Berdella Anderson (1908-1963).  Both were born in Mt. Pleasant to Albin Merlin Anderson (1887-1962) and Esther Christine Monsen (1888-1975).  Esther was the youngest daughter of original Mt. Pleasant settler Peter Mogensen (Monsen).  

Question:  Do you have any North Sanpete High School yearbooks from the 1930s (1930-1938)?  I am looking for school photos of my grandfather's other siblings:

Peter Rex (went by Rex) Anderson (1913-1973)
Albin Keith (went by Keith) Anderson (1915-1983)

Fannie Merle (went by Merle) Anderson (1917-2000)

Douglas Floyd (went by Dick) Anderson (1920-1955)


Guy Pearce
Salt Lake City, UT\

note:  Guy Pearce is the descendant of Peter Mogensen (Monsen) who shared  Peter Monson's history with us.  Maybe some of our readers can find photos of Peter Rex, Albin Keith, Fannie Merle, or Douglas Floyd Anderson.  

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