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Nancy Lundberg History ~ Compiled by Judy Malkiewicz

Nancy Lundberg
Born 2 January 1891 in Mt. Pleasant, Utah and Died 3 March 1943 in Provo, Utah
Nancy Lundberg was the youngest daughter of Dr. August Lundberg (dentist) and Christina Matilda (maiden name may have been Neilsen, Anderson, Christensen, or Ericksen - listed at Ericksen on Nancy's death certificate) Lundberg. Nancy was born 2 January 1891 in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. 
When Nancy was just 5 years old, her birth mother, Christina Matilda Lundberg, died 5 August 1896 in Mt. Pleasant, Utah and is buried at the Mt. Pleasant City Cemetery. Nancy and her older brother, Maple aka Mape Lundberg (born 12 May 1888 and died 16 July 1934) were then raised by August Lundberg in Salt Lake City, Utah while he studied to be a dentist.
Dr. August Lundberg’s third wife, Sarah Mathilda (went by Mathilda) Johansen Lundberg, who Dr. Lundberg married in 1902 then raised the children. Mathilda and August had only one son, Roy Lundberg who was born in 1912 and died of a brain tumor in 1933.
At some point during Nancy’s childhood, she fell from a hay loft or hay wagon receiving a head injury that left her with seizures. She had to take medication for the seizures from the resultant epilepsy.
Dr. August Lundberg was sued by the Peter and Niel Greenhalph Remedy Company on behalf of Nancy Lundberg for lack of payment for treatments on 7 July 1909.
However, Dr. Lundberg won the suit and the Greenhalgh Remedy Company was ordered to pay Dr. Lundberg $100 since the remedy purchased did not cure Nancy's seizures.

The next year, when Nancy was 19 years old in 1910, her father, Dr. August Lundberg, had her placed at the Utah State Hospital Territorial Insane Asylum, later to be known as the Utah State Hospital.
Nancy’s father, Dr. August Lundberg died 7 October 1919 when Nancy was 28 years old.
Nancy continued to live at the Utah State Hospital Territorial Insane Asylum/Utah State Hospital until her death on 3 March 1943 from primary anemia due to possible sulfathiozole administration at the age of 51 years. 
Nancy was buried at the Mt. Pleasant City, Cemetery in Mt. Pleasant, Utah and does not have a headstone in Plot A_55_4_8.  She had out lived her entire family which probably explained her unmarked grave.
Nancy’s step-mother, Sarah Mathilda Johansen Lundberg died just months after Nancy died on 14 October 1943 and her older brother, Edwin Lundberg, died 14 December 1943. Her older sister,  Jennie Lundberg died 3 March 1924 and her older brother, Maple Henning Lundberg died 16 July 1934.
Note: Nancy’s birth mother’s (Christina Matilda Lundberg) maiden name was listed as Neilson on her Utah Death Certificate and Ericksen on Nancy’s Utah Burial Database.

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