Friday, August 31, 2012

Is this Ellen Jackson Carter Seely? Help Needed

The photo is better when shown at the URL below:


I often check the Mt Pleasant website as I'm working on family history.  I
have a small request to make, if possible.

I'm wondering, if by any chance, you could put the attached photo on your
website with a request for the public to solve the mystery of WHO these 2
people are.  Do you ever have an open/public request to see if the public can
contribute info?

There are several of us who are thinking this picture is quite possibly Ellen
Jackson Carter Seely.  (She was in the Martin Handcart Co)  The only pic we
have of Ellen is when she's super old.  There is some resemblence.  We are
speculating maybe THIS is what Ellen looked like as an adult.  We would love
to solve our mystery, especially should it be someone other than Ellen in the
pic.  Maybe the person(s) can be positively identified?

Here is the pic:

It has an adult woman sitting and a girl standing beside her.  The girl has
the cutest doll & buggy & parasol.

Thanks for considering this,
Melanie North

This is the photo of Ellen Jackson Carter Seely that we have at the Relic Home.

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Heather Miller said...

I would very much like to know if this picture was ever verified? I am a 3rd great granddaughter of Ellen Jackson Carter Seely, and would very much like to find additional pictures of her.

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