Monday, August 20, 2012

Union Mercantile Store ~ from the Johanna Madsen Hafen Collection

Two of these picture show (before and after) restoration by David R. Gunderson

Here is a gem for historical nuts like many of us.  The Union Mercantile Store operated by Neil Madsen, and his brothers Antone and Andrew.  It was located where the Mt. Pleasant Recreation Center stands now.

The writing on the back says:
Union Store.
Neil Madsen and Lida Hasler and Myra Becks, clerks in the door.
Child on the barrel is Cecile Beck.
The store was owned by Madsen Brothers: 
Theater on the upper floor
Dance Paavillion on the east (right)

The above photo was restored by David R. Gunderson

The Madsen Family also ran a store in Scofield, Utah

the above photo has been restored by David R. Gunderson

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